Kanye "Ye" West Has Lost His Billionaire Title Amid Antisemitism Controversy

Kanye West has had a rough go over it the last week. After tweeting that he was going to go "death con 3" on the Jews, his whole livelihood began to fall apart.

According to Forbes, Wests's net worth has dropped to $400 million thanks to the controversy. His drastic change in net worth led to him losing his spot on Forbes' billionaire roundup list. Forbes is just one of many companies and individuals who have cut ties with the rapper over his antisemitic comments.

Adidas is the most recent. After being publicly taunted by West, they were put in a tough spot and had to act decisively. On an episode of the Drink Champs podcast, Kanye claimed that “I can say antisemitic s*** and Adidas cannot drop me.”

Adidas attempted to stay quiet and ride out the controversy, but the public wasn't having it. Pressure on the company worsened after a banner was strung over a highway in Los Angeles that read, "Kanye was right about the Jews."

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