The Least Healthiest States in the U.S. Were Not Surprising

A new report organized by NiceRX shows a stark contrast between health outcomes in each state. The data took into account many factors including cigarette use, regular exercise, vegetable eating, and life expectancy.

Ranking dead last and receiving the title of "unhealthiest state in America" is Louisiana with a health score of 1.32 out of 10. Next is Mississippi (1.46) and then Alabama (2.08). Each of these three states have over 38% of self-reported obesity, over 20% adult cigarette usage, and less than 20% rated their health as "excellent" when surveyed.

The South Needs Help

As of 2020, CDC data reports 35% or more of adults are obese in 16 states including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia. A link can also be made showing the poorer someone is the more likely they will have negative health outcomes. These southern states all have lower incomes compared to coastal states.

Conversely, Washington is ranked as the healthiest state in the whole country with a score of 8.40 and with nearly 60% of adults regularly exercising. Closely following is Massachusetts in 2nd place (8.36) and a tie for 3rd place with Vermont and Utah (7.94).

Washington Leads the Pack

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