10 Things Men Think They Should Be Allowed To Do Without Being Judged

Men on Reddit were asked what they wished they could do without being judged.

Here are the top 10 responses.

Adjust Themselves

One man says, “I'm not trying to come off as vulgar, but sometimes a man need to adjust themselves. Things get uncomfortable, and walking away to a private spot is not always possible.


Interact With Children

“I love kids. Maybe I have a higher maternal instinct, I don't know, but I love playing with kids, hearing them laugh, and playing with babies' toes.” One man explained.


Express Their Feelings

One man replied, “Women say they want a man who can cry and express himself, but even then, sometimes we get made fun of or called a sissy. What's worse though is other men.



One man says, “I love to cook, especially bake. But some of my male friends joke that it's women's work or call my female names. I should be allowed to cook and bake without being degraded for it.”


Wear Makeup or Groom Themselves

“Everyone should be able to put sparkles on their skin if they want to!” one man proclaimed. “It is becoming more normal to see a man with nail polish, but even still, that is considered feminine.”