25 Money-Saving Date Ideas

The idea of date nights can be really scary for couples.  It seems like you have to spend a ton of money to make it the best time ever, and that's just not feasible for everyone.

Idea #1: Go On A Picnic

Who doesn't love a picnic? Pack up your favorite snacks and drinks, find the perfect park (with tulips) or beach to enjoy them at, sit on some blankets together, get lost in conversation during an epic sunset. It's the stuff of romance novels!

Idea #2: Go For A Drive

Just the two of you. Leave your phones behind and let the scenery guide your conversation. Try to make it a full hour (or more) with no distractions, just talking about anything that comes up naturally in conversation.

Idea #3: Play Board Games

Good old-fashioned board games are still around for good reason- they're freaking fun! Boardgame cafes are popping up all over these days, which is great because now we can enjoy our favorite pastime without having to clean up afterward or buy an expensive collection of pieces every time we want to play something new.

Idea #4: Go To The Local Park

Take a walk through the local park together, have a picnic on one of its many benches, fly kites. Play catch, run around with your dog if you have one. There are infinite things to do at the park that don't cost any money but can bring so much joy to both of your lives.

Idea #5: Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Scour the house looking for these objects in various rooms before going out for dinner. Give clues when someone is close but not revealing all the answers until they're back from getting ready (you'll need about 20 minutes).

Idea #6: Have A Night In

If you're strapped for cash or just want to make sure your date night comes with a side of romance, turn the lights down low before he/she gets home from work that day.

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