12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Silver

First, people invested in gold because it was rare and valuable. As technology developed, people began to invest in other metals like silver. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in silver. Here are 12 reasons why you should buy silver.

Silver Can Be Bought In Physical or Electronic Form

You can buy silver as a tangible asset like physical silver coins or bars. You can also buy into the silver market with silver stocks and shares of royalties to new silver mines and silver futures contracts.


Silver Is A Hedge Against Inflation and a Weak Dollar

Physical metals can be a hedge against inflation. This includes both gold and silver.


The Price of Silver Rises During Recessions

Another great reason why you should include some silver into your portfolio is that historically speaking; the price of silver rises during recessions. During that same period, the bull markets with stocks ended, and the bear market came with force.


Silver Is Not As Risky As Gold

Between the two precious metals, silver can be less risky than buying gold. This doesn't mean it's without risk because making, or not making, any decision contains some risk.


Silver Is Used In Many Products (not only a precious metal)

Silver is used in making many different products.


Silver Can Be Stored For Long Periods of Time With Little To No Loss Of Value

Store your physical silver in a place away from you (if you have a lot) or at home in a secure location like a fireproof safe behind a deadbolt.


Silver Has Been Around For A Long Time

Silver has been around for a long time. Silver has played an important role as money. Precious metals cannot be printed at will such as fiat currency.


There Are Many Ways To Buy It

A perk about silver is that it's easy to store. Some common options include owning physical coins, bars, and paper certificates.


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