9 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold

Physical gold has been a valuable investment for many years. Gold is unlike many other assets. In fact, it’s something that can make you money over time and be a hedge against inflation. Gold has always been valuable because it doesn't corrode, but what makes it so great? Here are 10 reasons why investing in physical gold could be another investment in your portfolio.

What Makes Gold Valuable?

When you decide on a gold investment, you are investing in something that will appreciate over time which can work out great for your future.If you're looking to invest in something that will hold its value, gold is considered by some a safe haven. It doesn't physically break down, has been desired, highly valued and used as money for thousands of years. 

Reasons To Invest in Gold

The value of gold has continued to increase over time, as has the gold demand. Many countries have central banks. These central banks are the largest buyers of gold on a global scale. It’s even argued (and relatively proven) the market price of gold is manipulated by these same central banks that are buying so much of it.

Reason #1: The Gold Price Does Not Go Down Over Time

When investing in gold, it's important to look at what the market is doing and how that will affect your choices.  While investing in other things can be difficult when you want a more stable investment, using gold as an investment provides this stability and an effective hedge against the inflating US dollar.

Reason #2: Gold Is Not Affected by Inflation

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