Retirement Planning Calculators You Need to Try

Retirement calculators can help us plan and prepare for retirement even when there are many years to go. These online calculators are invaluable tools to determine how much money you need to save for your retirement.

1. Personal Capital

When it comes to investment and retirement tools, the Personal Capital retirement calculator is a fan favorite. The calculator considers your age, how much you intend to contribute to your retirement accounts each year, and what your expected retirement expenses will be.

2. Early retirement calculator

Many retirees today combine many different streams of income to cover their living expenses in retirement. Try to think holistically and include all of these income sources in your retirement calculations.

3. The Bankrate retirement calculator

The Bankrate Retirement Calculator is a more comprehensive tool that offers a more personalized snapshot of what your finances in retirement could look like. Example questions revolve around your current age, savings, and amounts in your retirement accounts (I.e. IRA, Roth Accounts, 401(k)’s, etc).

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