How to Save Money When Unemployed: 30 Tips

Unemployment is a difficult time.  It's hard to get a job, and it can be even harder when you're no longer receiving a paycheck from your old employer. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Tip #1: Cut Back On Using Your Car

Only use your car for necessary errands and job interviews. Try walking or biking instead of driving. You’ll save on gas and less of a chance your car needs servicing.

Tip #2: Keep Your Thermostat Turned Down

Heating and cooling your home is a luxury during a financial crisis. Turn down your thermostat by a few degrees in the winter and up in the summer to save on your energy bill.

Tip #3: Shop for the Cheapest Grocery Options

No more Whole Foods runs. Start spending money only on store brands and necessities. You may also want to buy food in bulk or go on a vegetarian diet to save money on groceries.

Tip #4: Limit Fast Food Trips

Limit your trips to fast-food restaurants. They are unhealthy and expensive. Cook at home instead.

Tip #5: Credit Card Companies Love Extra Spending – Avoid It

Stop spending frivolously on things like clothes, entertainment, and dining out. Set a budget for yourself and stay true to it.

Tip #6: Do Your Hair and Nails at Home

You can find plenty of tutorials online on how to do both your hair and nails yourself. Saving money is essential after a job loss.

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