How To Sell a Car in 5 Steps

Right now, the used car market is HOT, and you most might think that selling a car should be a simple process. However, although people want to buy a car, selling your car can be stressful. Additionally, the process can feel complicated and time-consuming when you don't know what you're doing.

One: What To Do Before You Sell

Before selling your car, there are some administrative steps you will need to take to get your ducks in a row. You need to complete these things, so you might as well start the process early on.

To-Do List:

– Collect all your paperwork (visit DMV online). – Make sure your car has a current inspection. – Print a vehicle history report. – Collect maintenance records. – Title transfer: Your car's title is required to transfer ownership.

Two: What Is Your Asking Price?

Setting an asking price for your car should be simple. For a private party sale, be sure to list your sale price appropriately, as it can be the difference in selling your car or not.

Three: Decide the Best Way To Advertise Your Car

Optimizing how you list your car can make the difference in selling your car fast and for the most money, or not. But, first, make sure you write a detailed description for a potential buyer to get a feel for your car.

Give Your Car Curb Appeal

While this might seem like a given, be sure to wow a potential buyer by deep cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Take Great Photos!

You have your write-up, you have a clean car. Now it is time to take some great photos to make it stand out! The more photos you can take, the better, and this means taking pictures of the inside, outside, all four tires, the engine, the trunk, the interior, the dash, and the floor mats.

Four: Sealing the Deal To Sell Your Car. You don't need to be an expert salesman to know how to sell your car. Instead, you have to execute these steps, starting with the test drive. Once you have a prospective buyer, you will want to set up a time to meet for the test drive.

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