The 10 Biggest Problems Facing Humanity Today

Many people would agree that our world is dealing with lots of issues. Global warming, lack of food and basic necessities in some countries, and a potential threat of World War III all depict a stomach-churning image of our future.

But what issues are the most relevant, right now? The Reddit community has some ideas that they're willing to share.

Humanity Itself

Many would agree that most of the problems we're facing were created by us. One Reddit user shared their point of view on this particular point.


Social Media

The number of mental health issues in young adults are higher than ever, likely thanks to the unrealistic beauty standards they are inundated with on a daily basis.


Climate Change

This one seems pretty obvious. Many people are divided on whether or not climate change is a real and relevant concept. One user shared that their parents compared climate change to the threat of nuclear war in the 80s.


Wealth Inequality

As inflation ravaged the United States between 2020 and 2022, the wealth gap in the country became seemingly more obvious. The cost of living has been rising at record rates, and wages haven't been able to keep up.


Lack of Empathy and Kindness

One user talked about how they missed how the “old world” worked. They talked about how neighbors used to look out for each other instead of praying on each other's downfall.