The 10 Craziest Rules Strict Parents Had

In a discussion on an online platform, people have shared some of the most bizarre rules imposed on them during their childhood.

From being grounded indefinitely to not being allowed to sneeze more than once in a row, these rules will leave you wondering how some parents can be so strict.

The Sneeze Police: A Bizarre Rule Enforced by Strict Parents

If any children violated this rule, they would get yelled at for being unhygienic, despite covering their noses and mouth properly and having no manners.


Endless Grounding: The Punishment That Became a Way of Life

Grounded for life? Another user shares their experience of being subjected to a never-ending punishment enforced by their stepmom from age 8 until they moved out.


The Farting Rule: How a Punishment Led to Hospitalization and Separation

This punishment was so severe that the individual eventually collapsed from the cold and was hospitalized.


Always Under Watch: The Strict Parental Rule That Limited a Child's Freedom

Their parent's strict rules prohibited them from venturing beyond their watchful gaze while playing outdoors or in public areas, even forbidding them from visiting a friend's home without parental supervision.


No Cell, No Late: The Challenging Rule of Parenting in the Early 2000s

Remember the days before cell phones? Traveling back to the early 2000s, a user has a bizarre rule to recall that brought them nothing but constant headaches.