10 Phrases Men Hate Hearing From Women

Some phrases are overused. Some are just plain annoying.

The men of Reddit have come together to share what phrases they hate hearing from women the most.

“Well, X's Husband Does It, Why Can't You?

“The thing that really irks me about this one is she'll cherry-pick one good thing some guy does and ignore his weaknesses,” one user said.


“‘I'm Not Hungry' or ‘You Pick…But Not There or There'”

“Funny, my wife thinks I'm the one that can't decide, but I'll list off places in order of preference and she'll just keep saying no until I guess what she wants.


“They Couldn't Handle Me”

“Relationships are about building each other up, not constantly having to deal with the other person’s attitude or poor behavior/mental health.


“No, You Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want”

“My mom does this, but I take it at face value. If you tell me I can, I will. I don’t have time to waste on those types of games,” one user said.


“Had an ex who got preemptively mad at me when one of her friends was gonna stay with us for a few weeks because she just “knew” that I was gonna cheat with her friend.


“Do You Like My Friend?”