The Wealthiest Songwriters of All Time Ranked in Order

Some songwriters may not be as popular as recording artists, but they play a crucial role in the music industry and get paid handsomely for that. Songwriting can be a lucrative venture. The big shots a significant chunk of change and make it on our wealthiest songwriters list for 2022. Some of the most wealthy songwriters are also artists and make a killing selling their music and recording songs themselves.

1. Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter, the Brooklyn-born heap of talent, has been making music since 1994. Since then, he has recorded megahits that catapulted him to the top, making him one of the most influential hip-hop artists ever. Mr. Beyonce is also a songwriter and businessman.

2. Paul McCartney

Paul was a longtime member of the world-famous The Beatles band. He wrote several chart-topping hits for the group that went on to win the Grammy and other top music awards. Paul is a solo artist these days, and his music continues to dominate the airwaves.

4. Diddy

During his day, Diddy was a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and he picked up three Grammy awards, among others. These days the New York-born superstar earns the bulk of his money through partnerships with Ciroc and part ownership of DeLeón tequila.

5. Madonna

The pop diva is the fifth wealthiest songwriter and is lauded for influencing some top musicians like Shakira and Lady Gaga. At 63, you'd think Madonna would be hanging the boots, but she's very much in the game. Fans eagerly await her upcoming new retrospective album, Finally Enough Love.

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