These States Will Pay You to Buy a Tesla

Most people believe that a Tesla is out of their price range.  With prices starting at $35,000 and going up to $124,000, the brand is definitely in the aspirational range for a lot of people. However, many states offer rebates and other incentives to buy electric vehicles, or EVs.

What states pay you to buy a Tesla?

Some states even give you an additional discount for cars with solar and energy storage. If you’re in the market for a new car, and you’d like to green your drive, you can find out here if your state offers discounts for buying an electric or alternative fuel vehicle. Note that discounts and rebates are subject to change.


Arizona will give electric car drivers a reduced vehicle license tax and access to carpool lanes. You can receive incentives for going green in your home, such as getting up to $1,000 in state tax credits for installing solar panels. There’s also a tax credit of up to $75 for installing electric vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE, in your house or housing unit.


California gives $2,000 to $4,500 in rebates for buying a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, depending on your income. The $1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward is available for anyone who registers a new electric vehicle in the state.


Colorado offers a tax credit of up to $4,000 for purchasing a new EV and $2,000 for leasing one. You could also be eligible for a tax credit of $5,000 for buying or converting a vehicle to electric or $2,500 for leasing a light-duty EV or PHEV.

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