40 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

So you want to know how to travel on a budget?  It is easier than you think, and there are some great ways to save money. We have compiled 40 tips for traveling on a budget that will help save money while still having a fantastic experience.

Tip #1: Choose Destinations Where Your Money Will Stretch

Visit places where your money will stretch.  When you travel to places where your money goes the furthest, it is easier to save while having a great time.

Tip #2: Make Sure to Get Travel Points for Things You're Already Spending Money On

A simple travel rewards credit card will help maximize your spending to subsidize travel. These rewards points can make traveling cheap simple.

Tip #3: Buy A Local Sim Card Instead of Paying International Phone Rates

You may find it less expensive to buy a short phone plan while traveling. You can also call your mobile network provider and ask if they offer abroad plans. Many do.

Tip #4: Track and Find Good Deals on Flights

Use Google Flights to track your flight before you book anything. You can save quite a bit by booking on a random weekday many weeks in advance.

Tip #5: Plan Your Trip Around Free Things to Do

Tripadvisor will give you many free things to do and places to visit in a major city. You can access most attractions via public transport.

Tip #6: Save Money By Cooking Your Own Meals

If you can stay in a hostel, this will help you shop from the local market and cook your own food. When you opt out of expensive restaurants, you can cook your own meals while supporting the local economy.

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