30 Tips to Help You Save Money

Paying off all debt is perhaps one of the best ways to save money. Not only are you saving yourself from paying interest charges, but you are also freeing up your monthly cash flow.


Pay Off Debt As Quickly As Possible

Most people have at least a few subscriptions that they do not need or use. Canceling these services can save you hundreds of dollars every year without having to cut out anything important.


Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Most name brand products are more expensive than their generic counterparts. This is because companies charge a premium for the convenience of having an already established marketing campaign and that’s usually it.


Avoid Name Brand Products

Allstate offers its customers the ability to save money on car insurance using a program called Milewise. You are charged a per day rate and then a per-mile rate. I personally use this as I only drive about 35-40 miles per week.


Double Check Insurance Rates

Eating out is one of the biggest ways to spend money on the day to day. There are a lot of quick money saving tips here, whether it involves bringing lunch from home or going grocery shopping instead of having food prepared by someone else.


Avoid Eating Out