Top 10 Biggest Tourist Traps To Avoid at All Costs

When it comes to traveling, every city has its charms and its traps. However, some cities are more known for their tourist traps than others.

In a popular thread on a social media platform, travelers were asked which cities they believed to be the biggest tourist traps. Here are the top 10 cities that made the list:

Cancun, Mexico

“The most touristy place I've been was Cancun Mexico. I swear that city's chief export is kitschy t-shirts,” one person griped. Others agreed, with one person adding, “Makes sense.


Niagara Falls, New York

“Yes, Niagara Falls is so tacky. Run down hotels and the restaurants aren’t really great. They wanna be like Vegas but has no money like Vegas,” one person complained.


Los Angeles, California

“I live in LA. There are lots of great reasons to visit here. Hollywood, specifically the walk of fame, is not one of them. It’s absolutely disgusting in every way.


Bangkok, Thailand

“If someone in Bangkok approaches you in a friendly manner, and wants to “help” you, they are probably trying to redirect you to a tourist trap store, and will get a small cut of whatever you buy.


“Dubai.. it’s a beautiful and impressive city but in terms of things to do it really doesn’t have a ton to offer other than fancy malls, etc.,” one person admitted.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates