Want to Save Money? Make This Home Repair Before Summer

With temperatures soon to rise across the United States, homeowners should be making an appointment with their local heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance

“This is the time you should be ready for these heat waves coming in. If you do it ahead of schedule, there’s less chance of a maintenance emergency,” Wardlaw said during an interview in late March. “In an emergency the costs can go up. Better to be ahead of the program and you can save money.”

The Law and Air Conditioning

Providing a tenant with air conditioning is required by law in some states, so property owners with older HVAC systems should do all they can to extend the life of the system they have in place if they do not have the funds for a total replacement.


In Arizona, landlords must provide operating appliances and a safe environment for tenants, and in places where temperatures regularly register well above 100 degrees, air conditioning is considered an essential service.


Dallas city code requires that property owners provide refrigerated air to tenants from April 1 to Nov. 1, but the target is a not-very-cool 85 degrees. But if the outside temperature exceeds 105, the temperature inside the apartment only has to be 20 degrees less. So if the mercury hits 110, a unit can be a tropical 90 degrees inside.

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