7 Ways to Be Frugal But Not Cheap

If you are like me, you focus on living frugally and saving every penny that you can.  Being careful with your money is important to you. Saving and living debt-free are your goals, and you’re trying your best to do that. It’s hard.

Frugal Vs. Cheap

Being frugal means living simply and economically. But a cheapskate is described as people who are unwilling to spend money or who do not want to spend as much money on anything as they ought.

Don’t Buy Overly Cheap Gifts

While you may love buying things from thrift stores or regifting items-don’t do so in an overly visible way for your friends and family, even if you score an awesome find as a gift, don’t let them know how little you paid for it or whether you got it for free.

Buy Quality Products

You can live with using a cheap brand for your clothes or footwear, but you need to look at the quality over the cost for items like home appliances. For example, if an appliance needs frequent repairing, it will rip off your savings. Better to go for appliances of high quality and do not need a lot of constant maintenance.

Don’t Skimp on the Bill

Going out to eat with friends? Doing an activity with a lot of people? It’s great to save money so you can suggest something free or cheap, but once the decision has been made, don’t haggle on the bill. Instead, pay your share and enjoy! This is not the time to be frugal and nitpicky.

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