10 Ways to Get Soaring High Airline Miles

If you’re planning to travel soon, airline miles are an easy way to cut travel costs or earn free flights for your next adventure.  Having a solid travel rewards credit card can help you get miles for flights and earn other valuable rewards that you can apply to your next trip.

1. Choose the Right Credit Card

One of the easiest ways to earn miles for your next trip is with a travel rewards credit card. While there are plenty of cards available, the best travel rewards credit cards are the ones that align with your specific needs and spending habits. As you make purchases using your card, you’ll earn points or miles for every dollar spent. 

2. Earn a Welcome Bonus

Many travel rewards cards come with what’s known as a welcome bonus. Earning a welcome bonus is one of the quickest ways to boost your rewards balance. You can earn a large sum of points or miles with welcome bonuses by hitting a card’s minimum spending limit within a predetermined time frame, typically within three to six months.

3. Use Airline Shopping Portals

Another easy way to earn travel miles, especially if you shop online often, is through online shopping portals. Many airline loyalty programs have online shopping portals, which allow you to earn miles for shopping with hundreds of popular retailers.

4. Participate in an Airline Dining Program

Similar to shopping portals, many loyalty programs allow you to earn extra points or miles by dining at specific restaurants, bars or clubs. Many airlines offer dining programs to help you earn valuable airline miles you can redeem for flights.

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