10 Weirdest Pieces of Advice People Admit Were Strangely Effective

Have you ever received some weird advice that actually worked for you? Sometimes the most bizarre pieces of advice are effective.

Recently on an online platform, people have shared some of the weirdest pieces of advice they have received and admitted were surprisingly useful.

The Limits of Perfectionism

The point was clear even if one does their job with perfection, there comes the point where they can only handle work with everything falling apart.


The Power of Confidence

Embarrassment can feel like a big deal, but for a person, it's only as significant as you make it. As they've grown older, they've learned to embrace the truth in this advice.


Mind Your Own Business: The Secret to Longevity

A granddad who lived for 95 years shared a unique secret to a long and happy life – “Mind your own business.”


Pretend to Choke: An Effective Escape Plan

The daughter suggested that if one finds themselves in an awkward situation, they could pretend to choke on something as a quick escape to get a glass of water.


Another user received unusual yet useful advice from John Oliver – “If you sit quietly while everyone else messes up, you'll win big.”

Success Through Silence