Women Love Flowers and Men Love These 10 Gifts

Men and women express and receive love differently, and this often shows in the types of gifts they give or appreciate.

While flowers are a classic gesture of love and appreciation for women, men prefer what they consider to be the equivalent of flowers.

Words That Bloom: The Power of Meaningful Words for Men

A single compliment can make a person feel appreciated and valued forever. The first user shares that a compliment can have more of an impact than a flower ever could.


The Gift of Listening: How Being Heard Outshines Flowers

Their girlfriend's ability to actively listen to them, even if she doesn't understand the topic, makes them feel valued and appreciated.


Surprising Satisfaction: Skip the Bouquet and Try This Instead

They appreciate the effort that goes into making a home-cooked meal, especially if it is something unique or special.


Pages of Petals: Books as the Floral Equivalent for Intellectuals

Someone expresses that for them, a great book is equivalent to flowers for women. They believe that books have a certain allure equivalent to the beauty of flowers.


Thornless Treasures: Cacti as Perfect Alternatives to Flowers

A different person contends that a cactus could be a substitute for the traditional bouquet for women. They don't need something that will wilt away in a few days.