20 Ridiculous ‘White Lies” to Never Tell Your Other Half to Spare Their Feelings

Sometimes, people tell little “white lies” to spare their partner's feelings. These lies may seem harmless and well-intentioned, but they can have lasting effects on both partners. Recently on an online platform, people have shared “white lies” that they told their partners.

1. Blaming the Kids: A Classic Excuse

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According to a married user, they have found the perfect way to get away with eating the last of their partner's favorite food without feeling guilty. Whenever they are caught, they blame it on the kids. If the last yogurt or ice cream is missing, they say that the kids ate it. The user found it to be a fantastic way to avoid conflict and save their partner's feelings.

2. Compliments and White Lies: Navigating the World of Makeup

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We all want to make our loved ones feel appreciated and beautiful. Sometimes, that means stretching the truth slightly. Take, for instance, a user who tells their partner daily that their makeup looks absolutely stunning – even though they wouldn't be able to tell if it was there. But the effort and time their partner puts into applying their makeup don't go unnoticed, and the user is more than happy to let them know their hard work is paying off. It's a small gesture that can greatly impact someone's confidence and self-esteem.

3. Bedtime Lies: Staying Up Late for Internet Time

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Someone in the thread admitted that they frequently fib to their partner, claiming they are heading to bed over the phone when they intend to stay online all night. They don't want to worry or upset their partner, so they tell this little white lie to spare their feelings.

4. Milk Bottle Myths: Tricks for Getting Help with Baby Chores

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Sometimes, we do things to protect the people we love, even if it means telling a little white lie. For instance, when a person wants to stay up all night scrolling through the vast abyss of the internet but doesn't want to worry about their significant other, they may pretend to go to bed over the phone. It's a small sacrifice to spare their partner's feelings and keep the peace in the relationship. After all, sometimes, a little fib can go a long way in maintaining harmony and happiness.

5. Weighty Matters: Why Joking about Weight with Women is a Bad Idea

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During a conversation with their partner, an individual was asked if they noticed anything different, referring to a new haircut. Rather than acknowledging the haircut, they compliment the partner's weight loss. The user had previously joked about their partner's weight but realized it was a sensitive topic that shouldn't be discussed with women.

6. Hiding Attraction: Dealing with Partner's Weight Gain

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Despite finding their partner less attractive due to weight gain, users chose not to reveal that they didn't mind the weight gain and still found them attractive. The user had experienced the negative effects of hearing something critical from a partner and didn't want to damage their partner's self-esteem. The commenter acknowledged that aging affects everyone and that weight gain wasn't enough to end the relationship.

7. Everything Will Work Out: The Fear of Uncertainty in Relationships

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In a heartwarming display of support and love, a devoted partner is putting their partner's worries to rest by providing a reassuring voice in uncertain times. Though they harbor their own doubts and anxieties about the future, they put on a brave face and tell their partner that everything will be alright. Currently, their partner is likely feeling the pressure of an uncertain job market in school, but this caring commenter is confident that they will both succeed after graduation. Even when things seem bleak, their optimism shines through, providing hope for their loved ones.

8. Trust and Anxiety: Coping with Partner's Party Nights

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Although they feel anxious and their mind wanders to possible scenarios when their partner parties with her friends, one person tells their partner that they don't mind. The person trusts their partner but still gets anxious whenever she goes out. Despite their concerns, they choose not to share their feelings with her.

9. False Chores, True Love: Finding Ways to Spend Time Together

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Sometimes, we all crave more quality time with our loved ones, even if it means resorting to unconventional methods. A savvy user confessed to faking a need for help with everyday chores to spend extra time with their partner. From cleaning to rearranging furniture, they are okay with doing these mundane tasks as long as they get to bond with their partner. While it may not be the most truthful tactic, the joy they experience together makes it all worth it. After all, isn't love about finding creative ways to stay connected?

10. The Pain of Love: Suffering for the Sake of Snuggles

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Despite experiencing a lot of pain from a rib that didn't heal correctly, one person tells their partner they are comfortable while snuggling together and watching TV. They don't want to spoil the moment, so they endure the pain, taking comfort in knowing that it will disappear when they stand up.

11. Simple Trick for Money-Related Arguments

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Have you ever wondered how some couples avoid money-related arguments? A caring partner shared a simple trick they use to keep their relationship happy and harmonious. They confessed to rounding down the cost of an item to spare their spouse's feelings. For instance, saying an item that costs $9.99 is only $9, and one that costs $29.99 is $20. This clever strategy is a small sacrifice that can make a big difference in maintaining a healthy relationship.

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12. Loving White Lie for Confidence

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Love is all about making your partner feel special and confident. Another devoted user revealed a loving secret about how they achieved this. They confessed to telling their significant other they look stunning, even when their weight is a concern. With a reassuring line like “You look amazing just the way you are” and a playful wink, this white lie boosts their partner's self-esteem and keeps their relationship strong. It's a simple yet powerful way to show your love and support.

13. Sweet Deception for Unforgettable Proposal

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When it comes to proposing, some people go to great lengths to create an unforgettable moment. Such an individual shared a sweet confession about a white lie they told to keep their engagement plans a surprise. The individual revealed that they told their girlfriend they were busy with work on a few Fridays when, in reality, they were working with a jeweler to create a custom engagement ring. This clever deception allowed them to create an unforgettable proposal and a beautiful memory they will cherish forever.

14. Caring Gesture for Hypochondriac Partner

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Couples often worry about each other's health, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Somebody admitted to keeping their sickness a secret from their hypochondriac spouse. They didn't want their partner to worry excessively, so they took medication and avoided showing any symptoms. To activate the placebo effect, they even gave their partner Altoids, pretending that it was mint-flavored Advil. This caring deception allowed their partner to relax and focus on their own health instead of worrying about their partner's.

15. Balancing Honesty and Happiness

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Honesty is the foundation of a healthy relationship, but sometimes we may need to keep secrets for the sake of our partner's happiness. An honest partner shared that they are keeping some things to themselves lately, which is out of character for them. They confessed that their significant other has become increasingly paranoid and hope their partner can forgive them for their newfound secrecy. They hope their upcoming surprise engagement will make up for any mistrust and uncertainty in the relationship. Sometimes a small white lie can be a big gesture of love and support.

16. White Lie for Relationship Peace

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A gamer has a secret to share about their relationship with their partner: they occasionally lie about their gaming habits to avoid getting into an argument. The gamer admits to pretending they were working on a paper instead of playing video games to keep their partner from getting upset. They don't want to cause any unnecessary tension in the relationship and feel that telling a little white lie is the best way to keep the peace.

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17. White Lie of Long-Distance Love

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Love knows no distance, but sometimes it requires a little white lie. A romantic partner admits to telling their long-distance lover, “I miss you,” even when they don't actually feel that way. They do it to make their partner feel better and loved, and they don't see any harm in telling a little white lie to boost their significant other's confidence.

18. Blissful Unawareness for Partner's Happiness

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Some secrets are worth keeping if they make someone happy. A good listener admits to pretending they haven't heard their boyfriend's stories before, even though they have a great memory and pay attention. They do it to avoid hurting his feelings and to make him happy. The listener found that their boyfriend is much happier being blissfully unaware, and it gives them a chance to reminisce and have a conversation about it.

19. White Lie for Alone Time

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Everyone needs some alone time, even in a relationship. A night owl admits to telling their partner they're going to sleep, even though they plan on staying up for another 30 minutes to watch TV or read. They do it occasionally to have some personal time before going to bed. However, they feel a bit guilty about lying and keeping this small secret from their partner.

20. Harmless White Lie About Dessert

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A little white lie can be harmless, especially regarding dessert. A sweet tooth admits to keeping quiet about the existence of pudding in the back of the fridge. The user hasn't mentioned it to their partner but feels no guilt. Maybe it's their way of treating themselves without sharing!

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