15 States That Have Acquired Hate Due to Having Some Bad Areas

America's states are known for different reasons and features. But some states are also hated by people due to bad parts. Here are some conditions that people do not accept.

1. Illinois

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Illinois is hated by many Americans and foreigners. This state is terrible in environmental and weather terms. This state's population loss is evident—the tax burden on people, high crime rates, poor infrastructure, and stereotyped culture. 

2. New Jersey

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People do not well accept New Hersey. They judge this state based on the high cost of living in this state. The things are expensive and limited. The property tax contributes to this burden. Urban sprawl is polluting the environment. Limited job and education opportunities are also major reasons for this hate

3. New York

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New York is known as the Big Apple due to the prestige and glory of this state. But still, people hate this state. There are a lot of reasons for this hate. It is one of the busiest places in the world. One commentator stated that it is hard to identify the day and night in this city, and some people can not survive there.

4. West Virginia

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West Virginia is facing high economic and financial challenges. The poverty rate is very high in this state. The education quality is very low. The rural areas are completely isolated from the entire city. All these factors are enough to hate any state.

5. California

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Despite being a famous state, it would be shocking to know that everyone hates this state. A considerable percentage of people are homeless. The political conditions remain unstable always. Wildlife disasters such as wildfires, droughts, water issues, and earthquakes are very common in this state.

6. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is a competitive state. In this state, people of old age and infants find it hard to survive due to its harsh winters. This state is living a fast-paced life, which includes strict rules of jobs, educational pressure, and cultural mix. That is why some people mentioned this state to be hated by many.

7. Michigan

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Extreme weather conditions, such as extreme winters and hot, humid summers, are not easy to face. Crime rates, violations, and uncontrolled traffic destroy the image of this state—the continuous construction of infrastructure causes these problems to be even more severe. 

8. Mississippi

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No one can love a state that fails to satisfy its citizens with good health care. The healthcare facilities in Mississippi are provided on a disparity basis. And with this, Mississippi is prone to many natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Thus many people hate this state.

9. Connecticut

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Connecticut is situated on the southern side of New England. This state is a combination of coastal cities and village areas. The poverty rate is very high in this state. The tax burden is continuously increasing this poverty rate. That is why some people can not agree to love this country.

10. Kentucky

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Kentucky's average sales tax rate is 5%, which is higher than average. There are limited entertainment options in this state. The rate of natural disasters is also high in this city. All these factors become severe with harsh winters there.

11. Louisiana

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Louisiana is the southeastern state of the United States. Although this city offers many opportunities, many people still hate this state. The reason for this hate includes high street crimes, poor management, strict rules, and bad environmental conditions.

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12. Ohio

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The brutal winters are enough to make people avoid this state. In winter, life is stuck here. In certain areas, the crimes are routine. Stuck traffic is a normal thing there. And one may find difficulty in getting public transportation.

13. Alabama

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Education, living hood, and health care facilities are the basic needs of any human being. If these facilities are not provided, then people will start hating the state. The same is true with Alabama. Poverty, poor education, and weak health services are the main cause of the acceptance of Alabama.

14. Alaska

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The main problem with Alaska is its location. It is completely isolated from the entire United States. Sometimes people do not get access to the US in time for services and medical emergencies. Even some areas of Alaska are even more isolated.

15. Maryland

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Maryland is known for its waterways, coastlines, and fishing. Some people face stress and disappointment in regard to this state. The reason is the hot political climate of Maryland and negative media portrayals. Bad weather and diverse cultural differences disturb many people.

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