“Why Is That In The Kitchen?” 10 Weird British Traditions Americans Really Don’t Like

British and Americans have different trends and habits of living life. A few habits of the British perplex and baffle the Americans because they can not apprehend these habits. 

1. Washing Machines in the Kitchen

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One American stated that he could not comprehend why British people place washing machines in the kitchen. They can not understand whether the British do not have laundry rooms or they love to do laundry while cooking. He added that once he visited his friend in the UK, he learned that British people have combined laundry rooms and kitchens. And it was shocking for him.

2. Warm Beverages

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One more strange thing to be noticed about the people of the United Kingdom is they serve beverages and cold drinks with less ice. One businessman shared that he visited a five-star hotel in the UK, and the cold drink was served at average room temperature. He asked the waitress to bring ice, and she came with two mini ice cubes. And she asked, sir do you like chilled drinks?

3. Early Closure of Public House

People Partying
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In Britain public houses are closed very early. On the other hand, American nightlife has many colors. In America, people love to hang out late at night in clubs and shopping malls. When these Americans visit the British, they remain amazed when they know there is no nightlife there.

4. Less Social Interaction

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In Britain, people are not very friendly and socialize. Instead, they prefer to live limited. They do not interact with strangers. The main reason for this reservation may be cultural differences. But cultural differences are also present in America. And American people are friendly and loving.

5. Two Single Bed Instead of Double Bed

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One manager of an American company stated that he got a chance to go to the UK for a business plan. He shared that one thing that baffled him was the two single beds in hotel rooms. If this is a two-person bedroom, then there must be a double bed. In America, two-person bedrooms have double beds.

6. Smaller Portion Size

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When an American can visit any country in the United Kingdom, they can not get sufficient food. Because the British serve fewer food portions at the same price. The food served for one person is insufficient, and an American always remains hungry. In America, people usually have larger portions, so hotels serve larger portions of one-person food.

7. Driving on the Left Side

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Americans cannot grab the British car-driving concept only on the left side. It baffles the Americans, and it causes problems for Americans to drive on British roads. In America, there are no such left or right rules. They have only dedicated lanes for safe driving.

8. Tea vs. Coffee

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The British are obsessed with tea. They take tea after every meal. They are addicted to the tea; even some Britians cannot wake up without bed tea. On the other hand, Americans have the same craziness for coffee. They take coffee as a daily drink. Hot coffee, cold coffee, or espresso; any kind of coffee is acceptable in America. But tea is not acceptable there.

9. Illogical Food Combinations

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People of the United Kingdom have insane food combinations, according to Americans. They try and experience weird foods that are not acceptable. For instance, salad cream sandwiches with sausages combination, sweet chips with sugar sprinkled, sugar on Yorkshire pudding, and apple pie with caramel dripping are an insane combination. 

10. Public Transportation

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One American shared his story that he made a visit of 5 days to the UK. He depended on public transport from his hotel to the market and office. All his five days got wasted because of the poor public transportation here. But he learned that the British do not offer a well thought out transportation system. He wonders how the British public is happy with it.

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