10 Painful Moments Women Where Not Expecting

Women often have to cope with situations they aren't prepared for. These unpredictable circumstances can make matters worse for them. This challenging situation makes us realize the importance of being prepared for unexpected hardships. Below are mentioned the top painful moments that women have to experience unexpectedly.

1. Sneeze After Surgery

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If you have ever experienced surgery on any vital organ of your body, you must be aware of the pinching pain arising from even a little movement. One of the commenters shared that once she had undergone heart surgery. After a week, she sneezed unexpectedly. It made her realize what the real pain felt like. Another female mentioned she experienced the same incident after her jaw surgery.

2. Toothache

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Patients dealing with any health complication can experience the worst pain at any turn of their sufferings. A woman shared her story about her dental issues. She depicted that she had her wisdom teeth and an additional molar removed. While waiting for her turn to get a prescription, she got a sneeze. It just made her feel that all her teeth came out of her mouth. The pain was unexplainable and made her cry.

3. Intrauterine Device

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The more sensitive the organ you are dealing with, the more the risk of experiencing worse pain. No matter if you are already well aware of the consequences of your decision, the actual experience can be more painful than imagination. A contributor explained that once she had undergone IUD replacement. And that replacement took so long and proved extremely painful for her. It was because of the faulty intrauterine device she used.

4. Gallstones

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We are all aware of the pain that obstructed gallstones cause. Patients who are unaware of their conditions feel like they would die with that pain. On a trustworthy online platform, a female shared that she thought that the pain she was experiencing due to the gallstone would result in her death. The pain was just unbearable for her. Then, she visited a doctor and got her proper diagnosis and treatment.

5. Dental Surgery

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While going for surgery, we may encourage ourselves by thinking of the anesthesia. Anesthesia can indeed help you overcome the pain of medical procedures. But what when anesthesia loses its effectiveness with time while pain maintains its intensity? The same happened with a woman. She explained that she had her wisdom tooth removed when she felt that anesthetics had started losing its effectiveness. Due to this, the pain she experienced was far more terrifying than her imagination.

6. Death Of The Pet

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For pet lovers, animals are not just their pets, and they treat pets like their family members. The kittens, especially, are so friendly and comfortable with you that their absence feels like a bigger loss. A contributor mentioned that one out of the four kittens got cancer in her chest. Despite the trials to save her kitten's life, she had to say goodbye soon to her. This incident made her cry very badly, far more than her expectations.

7. Uterine Biopsy

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You may think uterine biopsy is just a diagnostic test to ensure uterine health. But are you aware of its procedure? Most of the females going for uterine biopsy are usually unaware of its procedure and complications. One woman shared that she was oblivious at the time of her uterine biopsy, and nobody warned her about the pain. She experienced the worst pain during the procedure, which felt very awful to her.

8. Raising Teenagers

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Every girl has already heard of the difficulties she has to face after marriage. But the reality can be worse than the imagination. A person explained that she had heard of the strife of raising babies. She was ready for the sleepless nights, changing diapers, and other tasks. But what she experienced was more horrible than she ever thought. The children made her emotionally traumatized and converted her suddenly into adulthood.

9. Dental Braces

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Getting wire on our teeth is not only uncomfortable, but it can make you realize how much worse pain feels. Many women shared their experiences of having braces and the painful days they spent during this experience. A female depicted that she was 36 years old when she went for dental braces. After the procedure, she kept crying for a week. This was the most terrible medical procedure she went through.

10. Divorce

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A separation from someone you are not in love with isn't a big deal. But how would you feel if you had to get divorced from the man who used to be your foremost priority? 

A contributor shared that at the time of her divorce, she used to wonder how such painful situations could exist. Another woman shared that seeing her husband fight with her over little things was her worst experience.

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