“Worst TV Show Ever, Zero Stars” 10 Hard to Finish TV Shows That Are Somehow Popular

Television shows have become an important part of people's lives, with many investing countless hours binge-watching their favorite series. However, sometimes viewers need help to make it to the end, despite their initial enthusiasm for the show. Recently, people have shared several TV shows they can't get through on an online platform.

1. Once Upon a Time (2011)

Image Credit: ABC.

As per viewer's opinion, Once Upon a Time was a TV show that failed to capture their attention. They explained that the characters felt stagnant and never seemed to progress, leading to a loss of investment in the story as each season passed.

2. Arrow (2012)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Sharing their vexation with the widely acclaimed superhero series Arrow, a user vents dissatisfaction. They cited their issue with the main character's inconsistent moral code and how it became exhausting to watch. The user explained how the main character killed people in the first season but then started hunting down people who did the same thing in the following season, only to go back to killing people in the season after that. This flip-flopping disappointed the user and eventually caused them to lose interest in the show.

3. Grey's Anatomy (2005)

Image Credit: ABC.

Having dedicated an extensive amount of time to the medical drama Grey's Anatomy, one admits to having watched all of its 18 seasons, only to eventually lose interest. The show, which revolves around surgeons' personal and professional lives, has been known for its dramatic storylines. Still, the user eventually found the formula repetitive and uninteresting. The show has continued to air new seasons, but this viewer has moved on to other things.

4. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Image Credit: ABC.

Confessing their inability to complete the TV series Pretty Little Liars, a user acknowledges that the show became too intricate for their adolescent self to comprehend. Following a group of high school friends, the show depicts their struggle against an anonymous stalker named “A,” who intends to reveal their deepest secrets. The mystery and twists of the show may have been too much for this viewer, who ultimately couldn't stick with it until the end.

5. Riverdale (2017)

Photo Credit: Berlanti Productions.

Acknowledging their susceptibility to the buzz surrounding Riverdale's popular teen drama, viewers confess to having fallen under its spell. However, their engagement with the show slowly dwindled as the storyline became too complex for their liking. They recall losing interest around the time a new character named Sweet Pea was introduced, and their wild theories about the show's direction didn't come to fruition.

6. The Blacklist (2013)

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

Another user in the thread voices their disillusionment with the TV show The Blacklist, lamenting that while it was once exceptional, the series eventually became monotonous. They found the constant recycling of the same plot to signify the show's decline. The user also mentioned the introduction of the little guy from the DMV becoming a major player in the show, which further confirmed their belief that the end was near.

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7. Falling Skies (2011)

Image Credit: TNT.

Someone disclosed their fondness for the TV series Falling Skies, but unfortunately, the show slipped their mind after it moved channels. The show was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama series aired on TNT for five seasons from 2011 to 2015. It follows the aftermath of an alien invasion that decimates the Earth's population and the survivors' struggle against the occupying forces. 

8. The Walking Dead (2010)

Image Credit: AMC.

A devoted fan of The Walking Dead admits to their frustration with the series, feeling let down by the lack of an impactful conclusion and innovative solutions beyond the monotonous cycle of slaying and battling other humans. They had hoped for more intelligent and creative approaches, but those never materialized, leading to a loss of interest in the series.

9. Suits (2011)

Image Credit: USA.

If you're a fan of legal drama, you might have heard of Suits. One viewer shared their initial fascination with the show, noting the incredible soundtrack that drew them in. However, they eventually became disenchanted with the show as it began to resemble a soap opera. The constant focus on the Rachel-Mike relationship became tiresome for these viewers, causing them to lose interest in the show.

10. How To Get Away With Murder (2014)

Image Credit: ABC.

The convoluted plot of How to Get Away with Murder became overwhelming for a single viewer, who eventually reached their breaking point. The once-fascinating characters failed to hold their interest, and the increasing brutality left them with an unpleasant aftertaste.

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