“You Look Great For Your Age” 12 Phrases That Will Anger 99% Of Women

No one denies the importance use of appropriate words in daily life. These words are important to make you stand out or let you down in front of others. Especially in the case of women, you should need to stay more conscious about your words. Some phrases are considered taboo because of many reasons. They can be disrespectful, shaming, or hurting women.

1. Body-Shaming Phrases

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It is a very casual sentence that men often use to make their women conscious of their physique. Or sometimes, they only use these sentences for fun. But dear men, it is one very alarming sentence that you need to avoid. Ladies often take it as body shame. They get start to overthink their worth. They start thinking they are worthless because of not being fit. 

2. Pseudo Compliment 

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Men often use sentences like ‘You are not like other women' to compliment their women. But this statement often gives mean that being like others is no good. It often confuses women about the personality of this kind of man. This also shows that you are insulting the whole group for getting women's attention.

3. Underestimation Error

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The use of some sentences in professional life gives the meaning that you are underestimating women. Sentences like Can I talk to your manager?' This sentence conveys the message that you doubt her skills and authority.

4. Happiness Hijack

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Men often used to say to women that They should smile more. Though it is a harmless suggestion deep in time, it has bad effects. This sentence often conveys that the only job for women is to smile, regardless of what they are facing in life. 

5. Old-Fashion Phrases

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Dear men, you often speak old-fashioned phrases to show your responsibilities or care. Like, That's a Man's job. It often makes women feel that you are dominating them. She starts to think you are not giving her space to do what she wants.

6. Dismissive Disregard 

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If a woman did a job and she sought your suggestion and remarks. Don't use to disregard by saying That's not that hard. Because what might be easy for you could be difficult for her. It makes you feel that you overlook her struggle. 

7. Compliment Crash

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Guys, if you are going to compliment a woman, make it thoughtful. Women feel special to get dressed up for a man. It also takes their efforts and time. So it is not justified to say You look fine as a compliment. It deep down hurts them or makes them feel you are not showing interest in them.

8. The Jock Justification

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Men usually make offensive remarks that even cause to damage ladies' feelings. When they get to realize their blunder, they suddenly tried to cover it by saying I was just joking. This attitude reflects that you are not likely to take responsibility for your words. It also shows that you are not as humble to apologize for your words.

9. Fashion Faulting Phrases 

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Commenting on a woman's outfit is another disturbing thing. When men use the sentence Is that what you are wearing? They often say You are wearing too much makeup just to show their perspective. But it makes women feel judged for their personal stay. They start to feel uncomfortable and sometimes stressed.

10. Age Shame

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Some sentences are linked to age shame that makes women depressed. Man often unintentionally uses it to make statements like You are too Young or old for that. Saying this can make women feel restricted. Because age never limits what someone can do. It is just a number that can't define someone's capacities.

11. Invalidating Insult

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 Everyone has specific traits that they exhibit in daily life. But men in frustration or in disturbed situations often use statements that are too emotional or hysterical. It makes women feel that their reactions are irrational. But, naturally, everyone has a distinct nature, and you should respect it.

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12. The Beauty Blunder

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Linking women's value to their physical appearance is another blunder. It is really invalid to say Real women have curves. This statement can be offensive because real women come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful.

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