10 Troubling Indicators That Someone Has Unresolved Trauma

Trauma is the condition of disturbance of mind and soul from unwanted situations such as rape, murder, death, suicide, accident, disaster, and harassment. If these traumas are left unresolved, people start developing signs and symptoms that can worsen.

1. Avoidance of People

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People who encounter trauma or events that are not bearable for ordinary people face difficult situations afterward. They can not meet people involved in the incident, be present at the spot of the incident, or look like any of the people in the incident. It recalls the scene of an incident, and it creates a disturbing situation that traumatizes people.

2. Sleeping Issues

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One commentator stated that sleeping issues are the first sign of being in trauma. When facing any disturbing situation, he lacks the sleeping ability first because one can sleep if his mind is free of tension or depression. Thus traumatized people need sleeping pills every night until their situation is resolved.

3. Nightmares

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Nightmares are another common sign of unresolved traumas. Until the case or incident is solved, people get nightmares. While sleeping, they recall the incident and related assumptions about the incidents. These nightmares even cause severe conditions. And these nightmares continue until the healing therapy is provided.

4. Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicidal thoughts are common in disturbed people. People who can not face the harsh realities of life want to get rid of life and the world. That is why they prefer to commit suicide instead of dealing with it. A recent survey has shown that people who have seen their loved one passing through hard times or situations such as accidents, deaths, or cheating commit suicide easily.

5. Fear of Things and Places

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Fear of things or places is another sign that can intimate a person to have trauma. For instance, one who has a severe accident in a car crash and barely survives will have a fear of cars. It is observed that such a person can not ride in the car. Similarly, in a place where a rape case was held, a girl could not even breath at that place.

6. Mood Swings Issues

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Mood swings are abrupt changes in moods. In traumatized people, these mood swings are more severe. In one moment, they are happy, and in the other moment, they start to cry. Because the old memories or words have hunted them, this is a common sign that someone is facing something dark and deep inside. 

7. Eating Disturbance

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People who are not mentally healthy get disturbed eating habits. For instance, some people with depression start eating too much and gain weight in a few days. On the other hand, some people forget to eat in depression, their hunger dies, and they lose considerable weight in 2 3 days. Thus disturbance in eating habits is also a prominent sign of a disturbed mind.

8. Unproductive or Pessimistic

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People who face problems in their life or have faced severe incidents are unproductive in their life. They can not do something useful in life. Because their mind always remains disturbed and divided. They are also pessimists. They think of themselves as losers and useless. And they do not believe in life and its colors.

9. Involving in Self Harm

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Self-harm is one other common symptom of trauma. Some people do harm to themselves to reduce their mind and soul pain. This harm includes cutting hands, cutting hair, avoiding eating for days, eating a lot of sleeping pills, and consuming a lot of alcohol. This can be solved only when their trauma is resolved or they get a helpful person in their life.

10. Mental Disorders

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Some people have prolonged traumatic periods. When these situations are not resolved, they get even more severe. Such people develop even more serious symptoms. These symptoms include hallucinations and illusions. They hear voices and see people that do not even exist. These illusions may be related to the trauma incident. Such people are diagnosed with serious problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease.

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