10 Absurd Things Parents Let Their Kids Believe

As parents, we significantly influence how our kids view the world. However, occasionally, whether mistakenly or with good intentions, we could allow kids to believe things that ultimately prove false. People recently shared some amusing and frequently innocent misunderstandings that kids pick up and retain into adulthood on an online platform. 

1. Fabricated Power Ranger Tale

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When they were young, one user was told a fabricated tale by their mother about the Black Power Ranger. In this false story, the Power Ranger's middle finger was supposedly hacked off by insulting his mother. Unaware of the deception, the user continued to believe and share this story until age 20, when their mother finally confessed to making it up. It was pretty embarrassing for the user, considering they had recounted this fabricated tale to numerous people throughout their life.

2. Misunderstanding Belly Buttons

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During their childhood, another user received a rather exciting explanation from their mother about belly buttons. Their mother told them everyone had a belly button because it was how mothers nourished their unborn children. Unfortunately, the user misinterpreted this information and developed a peculiar belief that pregnant women could insert objects into their belly buttons. They even imagined women sticking chicken legs up their noses. It wasn't until later in life that they discovered the truth, but the misperception lingered for quite some time.

3. Actors and Repeats Misconception

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An individual recalls an assumption they had as a child, believing that actors and TV characters had to return to the set for every repetition of a program or film. They were astounded by the idea that these individuals had the luxury of re-recording the same scenes throughout the day just to increase viewership. It wasn't until much later that they learned about recording and repeats, dispelling their previous misunderstanding.

4. Grandma G's Eye Fabrication

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In a lighthearted family anecdote, a commenter shares the humorous tale of their grandmother G and her missing eye. They grew up thinking she had a glass eye and had taken out her own eye during a bar brawl. However, when they reached the age of 20, the truth finally emerged: Grandma G simply had a lazy eye, and their dad and uncles fabricated the narrative to entertain at family gatherings.

5. Magical Gas-Siphoning Truck

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As a child, someone firmly believed that their stepfather's truck possessed the magical ability to siphon gas from other cars. Whenever the user and their siblings rode in the truck, they would be amazed as the gas gauge changed from empty to full. This misperception filled their impressionable minds with wonder and fascination, enhancing their experience on the highway.

6. Being Called an Alien

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Reflecting on their past, a contributor shares a personal story about their father calling them “aliens” and its impact on them. With a keen interest in space exploration, they enthusiastically informed their friends that their father was an extraterrestrial. However, as they grew older, they understood that their father was referring to being an alien in the sense of a foreigner from France residing in America.

7. Turn Signals and Steering Cars

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Fondly reminiscing, a respondent recalls their childhood belief that cars had turn signal levers because they could steer themselves. They thought the arrows created by the lever were meant to guide the parents on which way to turn. This innocent mistake exemplifies how children use their imagination to attribute human-like characteristics to inanimate objects.

8. Belief in Crash Testing Vehicles

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Confessing a childhood misconception, another user in the thread reveals their belief that every vehicle must undergo a crash test before being sold. Their father's reference to their own car's high crash test rating contributed to this perspective. The idea that each vehicle would be meticulously repaired before hitting the market astounded the user. It wasn't until later in life that they grasped the truth and the purpose of crash testing.

9. Freezing World and Fridge Opening

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With a touch of humor, somebody mocks their childhood belief that opening the refrigerator would cause the world to freeze and make everyone hate them. Their parents shared this cautionary tale to instill values of accountability and consideration for others. This story exemplifies how parents sometimes employ fictional narratives to impart valuable life lessons, even if they are not grounded in reality.

10. Bald Men as Kidnappers

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Reflecting on their younger years, one commenter discloses their peculiar notion that all bald men were kidnappers. They humorously speculate that if they were ever abducted as a child, it must have been by a bald man. However, they are uncertain of the origin of this association. This illogical connection between baldness and criminal behavior reminds children of the imaginative leaps children can take when attributing traits or stereotypes to specific groups.

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