“You’re Killing Your Kidney” 10 Things Boomers Wish They Did In Their 20s

There are many things one learns about life too late. Here are 10 actions to take when you're young.

1. Walking for Improved Stamina

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Looking for a simple way to improve your fitness and well-being? A fitness enthusiast highly recommends incorporating walking into your daily routine. They noticed significant improvements in their stamina, allowing them to enjoy life more fully. Walking also helps clear their mind and reduces stress. Take a step towards better health and make walking a regular part of your routine.

2. Flower Gardening for Relaxation

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Gardening is a fantastic way to unwind during the summer, according to an experienced gardener. They take great satisfaction in seeing the fruits of their labor and learning from both their successes and failures. While tending to their garden, they like to listen to audiobooks, which is especially helpful for people with desk jobs.

3. Quitting Drinking for Improved Health

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Giving up alcohol has significantly impacted former drinkers' mental and physical health, as well as their relationships. They say that the past year and a half has been the best they've ever experienced since deciding to stop drinking. The ex-drinker is a huge advocate for sobriety and encourages others to consider its positive impact on their lives.

4. Daily Exercise for Energy Boost

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Daily exercise has been a game-changer for one fitness enthusiast, doubling their energy for an hour every day. They say that it has made them feel more productive throughout the day, and even a short 20-30 minute workout can significantly impact energy levels and overall well-being. They highly recommend others incorporate daily exercise into their routine to experience the same benefits.

5. Doing Chores To Fight Depressive Thoughts

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Completing just one chore a day can positively impact mental health, according to a proactive person. They believe that finishing even one task, especially one that isn't enjoyable, can combat feelings of worthlessness or being a burden. The go-getter thinks that taking small steps like this can make a big difference in managing depressive thoughts.

6. Rediscovering Fencing as a Form of Exercise

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Have you ever rediscovered an old passion that reignited your motivation to stay active? A fencer shared their experience of returning to fencing after a fifteen-year hiatus and finding it to be the perfect physical activity for them. Despite being unable to continue in college, they found a fencing club and realized it was the only sport they truly enjoyed. Don't give up on your passions; they may motivate you to stay active and healthy.

7. Learning To Set Boundaries and Say No

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A savvy individual says that setting boundaries and learning to say no are some of the most life-changing things they wished they had known earlier. They believe it's crucial to prioritize one's needs and well-being and not always say yes to every request or task that comes their way. It can be challenging at first, especially for people who are used to people-pleasing, but it ultimately leads to more self-respect, less stress, and healthier relationships.

8. Reading Books More Often

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Discovering the joys of reading earlier is something a wise individual wishes they had known earlier. They've found that books are a source of relaxation, new knowledge, and personal growth. Reading has broadened their perspectives and deepened their understanding of the world, making them more empathetic and well-rounded. Moreover, they've noticed that reading before bed promotes better sleep and a refreshed start to the day.

9. Moving to a Better Place

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Do you ever wonder if a change of scenery could change your life? A wanderlust shared their story of leaving the state they grew up in and how it completely transformed their life. They didn't realize how unhappy they were until they left and discovered a better area. Leaving behind their old life made them completely different adventurer ready for new experiences.

10. Avoiding Arguments With Strangers Online

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A digital citizen shared how they stopped arguing with random strangers on the internet, and it's been life-changing for them. They realized arguing with strangers online was unproductive, leading to negative emotions and stress. Instead, they now engage in more positive and meaningful interactions online, improving their mental well-being. Don't waste your time and energy arguing with strangers; focus on fulfilling activities instead.

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