Do You Remember Them? 10 Viral Moments That Defined the 2010s

We live in the era of Social media, where a different trend follows every day. Sometimes, geopolitical tensions rise, online challenges, marketing stunts, and whatnot. In the world of competitive engagement trends, news often gets dispersed. It isn't easy to highlight a few viral moments, but we have gathered the top ten viral moments that defined the decade.

1. Harry Potter Series (2011)

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Harry Potter is J.K Rowling's written fantasy series. The series consisted of seven parts featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint etc. The series is quite popular among both Gen Z and Millennials. With its end in 2011, most of the Potterheads got emotional over the end of the series, and it became a viral event of the year.

2. Gangnam Style (2012)

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Gangnam is a district of Seoul in South Korea popular for its luxurious lifestyle. Park Jae-Sang (PSY) released a video of rich people doing satirically silly actions with catchy music beats and rap at the back. The video was filled with fun that instantly captured the viewers' attention. It went viral all over the internet and became the first-ever music video to cross 1B+ views on YouTube.

3. Syrian War (2013)

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When the opposition ousted the Syrian President, a civil war began. The war caused an extreme humanitarian crisis in the country, making people starve & die of malnutrition. Countries like Russia, the United States, Iran, etc, intervened, and people were divided into two groups. It took the attention of the United Nations & ICRC, highlighting the event worldwide.

4. MH 370 Disappear (2014)

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On 8 March 2014, an international flight of Malaysian Airlines MH370 destined to reach Beijing from Kuala Lumpur went missing. As the news broke out, it caused a worldwide panic among people. The Malaysian government searched to find parts of the plane in the Indian Ocean. After days of searching, the mystery wasn't solved, and the people were left in shock & disbelief.

5. Earthquake in Nepal (2015)

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It was another fine day in Nepal, but suddenly, people felt something fishy when the ground off their feet started trembling. People began rushing out of their homes & buildings around were demolished in a couple of minutes. According to the report, 9000+ casualties, with thousands left injured, were reported. The event caused economic instability in the region, affecting Nepali tourism and civilization.

6. Donald Trump Wins U.S Presidential Elections (2016)

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The United States 2016 presidential elections remain a matter of debate to date. Donald Trump was competing against Hillary Clinton for the Presidential seat from the Republican party. The public expected Hillary Clinton to win the elections. As the results came out, Trump became the next U.S. president. Netizens believe that Trump came into power with unethical and illegal acts to get votes in his favor.

7. Fidget Spinners Craze (2017)

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Fidget spinners are spinning toys that have become popular among kids and adults. It was cashed as a fun toy that helps you relieve stress and helps create focus. Soon, it became a collectible, and people started collecting customized fidget spinners. Celebrities endorsed spinners posting online that went viral, and the craze got hyped.

8. Super Blue Red Moon (2018)

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Super blue red Moon refers to the complete lunar eclipse of the Moon that occurred on 31 January 2018. It is called a supermoon because it was seen to be at the nearest point to the Earth within its orbit. It also names the proverb once in a blue moon for the same reason because of its rare sight that might be experienced once in a couple of decades.

9. Amazon Rainforest Wildfire (2019)

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Due to the changing global climate, the Amazon rainforest experienced drought. The lighting strikes and winds sparked fire ignition in trees, causing the loss of biodiversity of endangered species. It also impacted the people living in neighboring areas. Human activities like deforestation and logging make forests prone to more such events.

10. Prince Harry Exits Royal Family (2020)

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When Prince Harry & Meghan Markle got married, they were often criticized and followed by Media for different reasons. In 2020, Prince Harry decided to exit from the Royal family as a member. It was told that the prince wants to invest his time in charitable causes, plan his family, and experience an independent & private life from the Media.

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