10 Iconic Classic TV Shows You Need to Watch Right Now

Cult classic shows are known well for engaging storylines, captivating viewers' hearts, and possessing a loyal fanbase. There are numerous reputed examples that can be categorized under this, like Harry Potter and Twilight Saga. However, to understand why these shows are famous among cinephiles, you should dive into the following listed shows. Here are ten cult classic TV shows you need to watch right now:

1. The Office (2005-13)

Image Credit: NBC.

The Office is a classic cult show because of the variety of learning it gives us. Its plot revolves around some office colleagues exploring their corporate life & how they deal with it humorously. Aside from flavorful comedy, it digs into workplace ethics & challenges, leadership, teamwork & effective communication. It is available on Netflix to stream and, indeed, a treat for fans to learn how to adapt in the office.

2. Big Bang Theory (2007-19)

Image Credit: CBS.

The plot unveils two scientists, Amy & Sheldon, who share an apartment unknown to life outside their lab. They are always busy making theories and experiments. One day, they finally got recognized for their tireless efforts for “The Stockholm Syndrome” and were awarded the Nobel Prize. Its lively characters, physics-related jokes & science theories can be a dream show for a Sci-fi head to watch.

3. Sherlock (2010-17)

Photo Credit: BBC One.

It's a contemporary interpretation of the well-known Sherlock Holmes mystery series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is a brilliant detective and deductive investigator; Dr Watson is a retired army physician who now shares an apartment and cracks cases. Fans are kept on edge by its compelling secrets, thought-provoking dialogue, and dramatic direction. The popular series can be seen on Amazon Prime Video and has a large fan following.

4. Breaking Bad (2008-13)

Photo Credit: High Bridge Entertainment.

Breaking Bad has successfully generated significant viewership and engagement through its captivating music. Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who struggles to make ends meet, transforms into a drug cartel from a teacher. Its themes unravel dark, gritty action scenes and the human psyche that compel the audience to believe that a man can go to any extent to provide for his family. 

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-19)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

After their parents are killed in what appears to be a fire, three abandoned children embark on a quest to find their killers. Throughout the series, the children face a variety of unfortunate events. Its emphasis on taking legal action, believing in oneself, and standing up for what is right makes it a cult favorite television show. Viewers can watch the show on Netflix. 

6. Wednesday (2022) 

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Everyone has a limited amount of patience, and when tested, it inevitably fails. The plot revolves around Wednesday Addams, a feisty adolescent with psychic abilities. She gets expelled and transferred to Nevermore Academy as a result of her brother's bullying, to which she replies by releasing piranhas into the school pool. The show's thrill is fueled by her haughty, arrogant, soulless, and frigid wrath.

7. Pushing Daisies (2007-09)

Image Credit: ABC.

This popular sitcom revolves around the protagonist, Ned, who has the ability to resuscitate the dead through his superpower of touch. However, it has several problems, such as touching a restored person twice, which will cause him to die forever. Things heat up when Ned reintroduces his former crush into his life one day. The innovative and whimsical plot, as well as the bright cinematography, make this a nostalgic and underappreciated television show.

8. Community (2009-15)

Photo Credit: NBC.

Individual cognitive processes and behaviors are influenced by their upbringing in a range of circumstances, which is why it is critical that we accept and coexist as a society. A community college study group comprises a variety of students. People develop a variety of backgrounds, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses over time, exposing them to the challenges of group life. As egos are challenged, dismantled, and rebuilt, tensions rise. It is accessible on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

9. Friends (1994-2004)

Photo Credit: NBC.

Friends follows the journey of six friends living in an apartment together, navigating relationships, careers & adulthood. Restoring faith in humanity is difficult, but the show demonstrates true friendship in a world of enemies disguised as friends. It explores a sense of belonging, physical & spiritual nourishment together & the importance of good company on one's personality. The show is an epitome of the saga of brotherhood & real friendship.

10. Peaky Blinder (2013-22)

Photo Credit: Netflix/BBC.

Thomas Shelby is a regular guy who enters the world of criminal cartels in order to try to expand his influence & protect his family. The show is a cult classic for Cillian Murphy's performance, cold body language & attire as a reputed Mafia group, unlike local gangs. Its background theme beautifully complements Shelby's influences in the criminal world, power misuse, and being betrayed by his social circle.

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