10 Illegal Activities That People Do Anyway

There are numerous laws and rules made by the authorities to facilitate the public with an easy and smooth life without any harsh accidents, yet people seem to ignore all these rules and make their own as if it's going to get them anywhere good. Let's look at some of these illegal activities but are practiced as if they are everyday norms.

1. Lies by Estate Agents

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Estate agents or retailers are intelligent and clever people who don't let any stone be turned to win their client's hearts, even if it's illegal. Our user described one such scenario, who explained that retailers aren't allowed to lie to you and say there are bids when there aren't any to drive you to bid higher, but they never heard of one even getting in trouble.

2. Littering

Litter on beach
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One of the worst things someone could do to the place where they live is litter. Not only does it account for pollution, but many other diseases. Well, a user justified that it's appalling how many people generally don't litter and are against it but don't realize chucking their cigarette butts also counts as littering.

3. Dogs Not on Leash

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No matter how well you train animals, it can be unpredictable. It's not allowed in most places to leave your dog unleashed, yet no one follows the rules until something troublesome happens. One of the users said that one unleashed dog unalive someone's leashed dog. Further added, even if your dog is the best trained, it makes others around a bit nervous since they don't know your dog. 

4. Tailgating

Busy Highway
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Tailgating could lead to severe damage if the car in front stops suddenly. There are laws to avoid it, yet there is no enforcement. A user explained that they used to be a truck driver and drove within the speed limit, but other cars would keep tailgating to pass by, and cops wouldn't even notice, let alone take any action against it.

5. Fireworks

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An individual enunciated that in their town, people are setting fireworks off all spring, summer, fall, and most of the winter, literally a block away from the police station; they said they could do nothing about it. Fireworks cause noise and air pollution, but the laws are weak to take action against such things.

6. Smoking in Non-Smoking Areas

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People like to make others suffer with them as well. Even with strict laws against smoking in particular areas, they don't care about it. A user on an online platform expressed that at almost every concert or sports event they have been to in the last few years, someone is blowing very obvious clouds straight up in the air, and no one does anything. 

7. Jaywalking

Woman Walking
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Multiple users described their point of view on jaywalking, even though they consider it to be against the law. Still, it is practiced as if it's normal, further adding that they have seen people strolling randomly on streets without cops ticketing them. Jaywalking could lead to terrible consequences if something goes wrong.

8. Parking on Sidewalks

Older couple walking on sidewalk during sunset in downtown village in summer
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Multitudes consider it okay to park their cars wherever they like without understanding how it would affect other individuals. They should get fined for such an act, but it's not seen anywhere. A user expressed that people like to park in front of their houses, blocking the path from the sidewalk, filling them with a fiery, burning rage.

9. Perjury

Court of Law Trial: Female Judge and and Jury Sit, Start of a Civil Case Hearing.
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Lying is unacceptable, but lying under oath to bring down someone is the worst. Yet, it is practiced without remorse, even if it's against the law. A user elucidated that too many people lie to get others in trouble by making false reports, but when found out, they are rarely charged.

10. Ticket Scalping 

Man passing ticket to woman in lobby of theatre.
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Ticket scalping is an illegal act in multiple countries worldwide. However, the law isn't enforced, and authorities do not monitor such activities. One of the users described that ticket scalping in concerts and pro sporting events is felonious in their country, yet the same exists through a resale site.

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