10 Examples of Women Defying Feminist Expectations

Feminism is a much-related term these days. Although this term seems relevant as far as gender equality is concerned, women have started to differ from the typical understanding of feminism, and they call it “Living outside the Box.” On an online platform, people shared some stories about defying feminist expectations.

1. Adoption of Eccentric Professional Career

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The compilation concerns the ladies who have overcome the hurdles in adopting the nonconformist career streams, contradictory to typically perceived feminism. The professions adopted by these ladies (e.g., lady vehicle mechanics to female truckers) provide a clear understanding of how they have challenged the traditional norms of feminism. A user stated that feminism means equivalence of gender. Another individual believed in equality and one's own will to decide his future.

2. Defying the Usual Concept of Beauty

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Feminism promotes acceptance of the varied body types and contests the unrealistic beauty standards established by society. An evolved concept is that beauty is not just based on physical features but also on a person's intellectual and emotional strength. A respondent shares that the concept of usual beauty criteria is beyond comprehension; beauty has no specific demarcation. Every person is unique and beautiful.

3. Feminism and Motherhood

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It is a false accusation that feminists refute motherhood; contrary to this, plausible evidence discloses that feminists follow a different approach to parenting. These women believe that motherhood is not pre-scripted; it is comprised of various forms like surrogacy, adoption, or a single mother. A commenter mentioned that it is a delicate decision to embrace the journey of Motherhood, which is a complicated dialogue scarcely discussed.

4. Relationships Preferences

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It is considered a social norm that females should maintain a precise stance on relationships. In contrast, a diversity of viewpoints exists within feminists. Few opt for orthodox bonds; others go for open relationships or remain single. According to a supporter of feminism, “It is about enabling females to make decisions that align with their morals.”

5. Emerging Concept of Feminism

Self Love
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The concept reassures women to mold feminism as per their standards. If women adopt feminist norms of society, it does not mean that their pursuit of self-empowerment has diminished. A lady rightly commented that embracing femininity does not mean that you are withdrawing from the right to autonomy.

6. Promoting Female Comradeship

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Female comradeship is of significant importance. Women develop a strong bond with peers who support their point of view. By doing this, they create a network and obtain support/ strength from each other. A lady commented that the feminists discovered their power in unity.

7. Adventurism and Extreme Sports

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Gone are the days when females were advised to avoid risk-taking by participating in extreme sports and adventures. Now, women have proven their metal in every field of life, including experiences (involving solo hiking and sky diving) and extreme sports. A user has commented that fear is no longer associated with feminism.

8. Intellectual and Emotional Priorities

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Women do alter their priorities based on social pressures. It is always said that women should remain strong, whereas, like every person, they also require self-care, therapy, and personal growth. All these aspects do not contradict the very concept of feminists but instead reinforce feminists' principles. An unknown individual has stated that taking care of is something natural and one of the facets of gender equality.

9. Promoting Cultural Harmony

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Cultural harmony is essential for running a feminist campaign. Every society encompasses cultural diversity, including social norms, social status, ethnicity, etc. Women from dissimilar backgrounds gel together to strengthen each other's voices and create support for the feminist approach. A female states that women must go beyond outdated social norms and embrace inclusivity and diversity.

10. Universal Concept

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Women aspire for self-empowerment worldwide. Their context may vary from one another; however, the fundamental desire remains the same. The crux is that feminism is not restricted to boundaries; its voice echoes globally. According to a correspondent, feminist ideals are not confined to any place or region; the phenomenon is global.

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