4 Things to Get Ready for After Buying a Home

There are a ton of things to get ready for after buying a home.

Here are 4 that you May encounter.

I Just bought a house. What should I prepare for?

Now that you are a homeowner, congratulations!

Now the real work begins.

Here are four things that you should prepare for NOW.

1. Our favorite four-legged furry friends (Not your dogs…)

I'm talking about rodents. Rats, mice, raccoons the whole bit.

Prepare for that.

And how do you do that?

Well, you hire someone. Someone who is licensed to make sure they don't enter your home the first couple of years of home ownership.

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I dealt with rats. They would come through a very small opening. I don't know how they can contort their body but they did. They came under my sink and they would destroy my paper bags.

I was recycling, alright!

They eat them and take them back and make their nest. So hire somebody. Or do it the budget way as I did and just put a lot of rat candy under the sink and I'm sure you guys know what rat candy is.

Or if you're super Humane, you can put a live trap a trap that they go into the gate goes down and you can go released them in the fields.

So candy I give them because I love candy too.

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2. Become Aware where you water/Gas/Electricity shut off boxes are

I woke up one day, walked out to my kitchen and found about half an inch of water in the whole entire kitchen. And I have laminate wood flooring so that's not good. So, at this point, I had no idea when the water shut-off was.

The ice maker on my fridge has a clamp. The little clamp that goes into it from the faucet popped off. So I literally had a hose of water going all over my kitchen. Gallons of water every minute… I had to act.

First I went outside to my house water shut off. I found it right?! Nope. A special tool is needed to turn the water on and off… Well, my house is going to be a swimming pool now. Great…  

I finally found out my water shut-off switch is under the sink. Yours may be elsewhere. Find out where your shutoffs are. You'll thank yourself later.

3. Have a professional inspect the roof

I would have had someone inspect the roof to see exactly what's going on. On my roof, there was not one, not two, not three, but four significant spots where my roof was leaking. When you put moisture, insulation and drywall together it makes a mess, a costly mess. Get your roof checked. 

4. Four legged friends (Again!?)

I'm not talking about rats this time. I'm talking about your surroundings, your neighbors and what's around you.

I didn't realize this in the beginning. But after about a week I found out there are more than 3 dogs across the street that bark like it is going out of style.

Now that made my afternoon nap a little more difficult which is kind of a first world problem.

But look at your surroundings.

What's happening? Do they have dogs everywhere? Do they have a billion things happening? Do they have kids screaming the backyard?

If you're sensitive to noise it would be useful to go over to the house and neighborhood at 10 pm and see what's happening. Just drive by and walk around for a little bit.

Those are the four I experienced in my first few years of homeownership. What else is there? I want to see what else you guys have dealt with and what's your encouragement to people who are in the process of looking or buying a home.


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