The 10 Least Favored States and the Reasons Why

The US is a giant jigsaw of 50 geographically and demographically diverse states. With the liberty to move between states, people continuously weigh the benefits of living in one state over others to look for viable options for better living and workspace. The following are the least favored states in the opinion of some users on an online platform.

1. Mississippi

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 Management issues plague Mississippi State and its well-known Mississippi River. Among the problems that call for attention are the high unemployment rate, unreliable infrastructure, and a need for access to clean drinking water. A brother noticed that all his visits to his sisters' place were during a ‘boil water situation,' he often found sinkholes on the roads. Another user added that people there had unwelcoming attitudes.  

2. Texas

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Texas gets unbearable for many people because of its scorching summers, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. With such extreme heat, droughts are profound, and innumerable yearly deaths are noted. An individual recollected his last summer in Texas and how he had laid naked, spraying water from a bottle of ice-cold water with two fans on high, and even that barely helped.    

3. West Virginia

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West Virginia, located within the Appalachian Mountains range, has widespread poverty as it's difficult to build infrastructure, and the primary income relies on the mining industry. West Virginia has several burned-out coal towns with limited population and a lack of urban centers. In addition, Methamphetamine production areas are a safety hazard for the residents. A native of West Virginia admitted that the southern coal mine was a wasteland.

4. North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
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North Dakota's harsh winters are gloomy, with not much to do, leading to considerable drug and alcohol abuse as well as teen pregnancy. A commenter expressed relief at having shifted after living there for six years. Another commenter warns against racism, and that one might feel like an ‘outcast' if they did not conform to a white conservative lifestyle and had a lack of interest in fishing and hunting.

5. Indiana

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Centrally located, Indiana, known as the crossroads of the USA, is the hub of major interstate highways and is the least favorite of natural beauty enthusiasts. The weather varies from hot and humid to bitter cold. Someone who grew up in Indiana acknowledged and added that the billboards were ‘insane' together with racism. They suggested driving straight through with windows rolled up.  

6. Idaho

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Unfortunately, Idaho, renowned for its high-quality potatoes, faces criticism for perceived racial issues. A Korean man who had been to many states quoted Idaho to be the worst in racism. Someone else shared an event when his friends from Washington went there for fishing and were blamed by locals for ‘stealing their resources' although they had paid for a license.

7. Florida

Beach at Melbourne, Florida
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Florida looks attractive with its warm climate and beach resorts, but its allure dies quickly. Florida's healthcare situation is alarming given its aging population; very few competent doctors and specialists are difficult to find. A commenter who almost lost his grandparent to legionnaires disease recounted his ordeal as he was unable to get proper medical help in Florida and had to fly to another state for care.

8. Utah

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With a dry climate resulting in frequent summer wildfires and most people following Mormon practices, Utah has a unique environment. The population has a distinctive appearance as Mormons have a strict culture with defined clothing and lifestyle with common youthful marriages. An individual who had spent his childhood there recounted how it felt left out and that most of his mates were married by age 20.

9. Louisiana

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With the highest per capita murder rate, according to the 2022 FBI crime report, the state has a grim law and order situation. A construction worker recalled that shoot-out scenes were frequent and shared a horrifying experience of discovering a dead body on the bricks they were working on. Parking had a couple of stolen cars every night, and the police response rate was slow.

10. California

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The Golden State comparatively has a higher cost of living and expensive housing. The transport situation could be more comforting too. Being a popular tourist destination, it has a consistently rising cost of living, but residents and tourists find the persistent traffic issues disturbing. A resident complained about the state being regularly crowded with traffic on the roads around the clock.

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