10 Celebrities Everyone Forgot Are Canadian

1. Sandra Oh: Nepean, Ontario

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Sandra Oh is best known for her role in Grey's Anatomy. She actually originally read for the part of Miranda Bailey. The more you know!

2. Keanu Reeves: Toronto

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Keanu Reeves has been around in Hollywood since the mid-1980s and is probably best known for his role in The Matrix. But Keanu actually never became an American citizen.

3. Celine Dion: Charlemagne, Quebec

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Celine Dion definitely experienced every little girl's fairytales. Grew up in a small town with big dreams to be a singer, got picked up by a large record label and shot to fame. She's so famous, in fact, that she actually performed for the Pope in 1984.

4. Shawn Mendes: Toronto, Ontario

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Shawn Mendes was the teenage girl heartthrob for a hot minute there. But did you also know that he's allergic to mosquitos? Bet you didn't.

5. Drake: Toronto

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Drake is definitely one of the most iconic rappers of the 2000s. Being from Canada, where ice hockey is the main form of entertainment, he is also a fantastic ice skater.

6. Matthew Perry: Ottawa, Ontario

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Matthew had everyone's hearts as Chandler Bing on Friends, and maybe that was because the name Chandler was never a first name before the popular show aired.

7. Ryan Reynolds: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Ryan Reynolds is most well known for his hilarious character Dead Pool. But despite what a phenomenal actor he's grown into, he actually failed drama class once in high school.

8. Avril Lavigne: Belleville, Ontario

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Avril Lavigne has been around since the early 2000s. Her first music video, “Complicated” cost over a million dollars to make. Can't put a price on fame.

9. Jim Carrey: New Market, Ontario

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Jim Carrey is known for playing goofy, bordering on dumb characters. He started off as a stand up comedian-which isn't surprising given that he's a pretty funny guy-but he actually recalls that in his rookie days he was booed off the stage! I bet those people feel guilty now.

10. Rachel McAdams: London, Ontario

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Rachel McAdams is best known for her starring role as Regina George in Mean Girls. The irony of this, is that she was actually geeky and not very popular in high school.


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