frugal things to do when bored

50+ Frugal Things To Do When Bored

It’s inevitable that at one point or another, we get bored. You might get bored at home, bored at work, or on a commute. With nothing to do, we might find ourselves wandering around the house mindlessly, sitting around, and …

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wasting money

How to Tell if You’re Wasting Money

No one intentionally opens up their wallet and throws their cash directly down the drain. But some spending habits have the potential to feel like the equivalent.  Here’s the catch: What may be “throwing money down the toilet” for one …

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watch free movies

22 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies

Are you looking to watch free movies online? You’re in luck, as many legal sources of movies are available for free on the web. Here are some of the best options. The best and most common way to watch free …

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avoid hyperinflation

How to Avoid Hyperinflation: 20 Actionable Tips

Tips to Prepare for Inflation and Hyperinflation (Rising Prices) The year 2020 showed all of us we are living in stressful and out-of-control times.  There are many possible threats to our financial system and livelihood. One of them is hyperinflation. …

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