10 Tips To Help You Ace Your Next Interview

In a time of inflation, every person is hunting for a job so he can pay off his bills and loans and afford basic utilities. But when they make it to the interview, they get stuck when they are asked: Why do you want this job? Because they didn’t give it a thought. Here are ten useful tips that can help you in your interview:

1. Be a Go-Getter

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The best way to answer this is by representing yourself as a go-getter. This way, you can show that you are ready to work in a challenging environment and utilize your skills better. One commenter advises to say words like seeking better opportunities. That will show you want to grow professionally, and your job is stagnant against your potential.

2. Unleash Your Growth

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Always use appropriate words that convey your message. You can also add how you want to unveil your true potential and grow professionally to the fullest. An individual shares his insight into using the word “growth” instead of “promotion.” This will show that you are here to contribute and not just get yourself paid well.

3. Refine Your Skillset

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Let them know that you want to upscale, which will also be beneficial for the company’s growth. Another commenter suggests complementing your previous job and letting them know you want to refine your skills. Let them know that now you are up for new challenges that enable you to work in hard situations as well.

4. Explore More of Your Talent

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One of a respondent shared his two cents to show yourself that you’re a true explorer. You can say this: your company has more layoffs to come. You’d love to work there but don’t want to be flat-footed. You want to take your talent outshine elsewhere to accomplish milestones.

5. Apply the Feedback Sandwich Formula

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You can use this method to cater to this question. This method indicates the balance between positive feedback and negative feedback. One commenter shared that he started by appreciating his current job and colleagues. With that said, due to major structural changes, his career development goals no longer meet the company’s new policies.

6. Never Badmouthing About Your Previous Job

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According to a commenter, the key to answering this question is to never say bad about your previous job and colleagues even if you had the most negative and toxic environment there. The employer might see you as a red flag for his company. This can prompt rejection in the employer’s mind right away.

7. Stepping up With New Opportunities

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A respondent suggested it is better to tell potential employers how keen you are to take responsibilities further. Let them know that you’ve served responsibly in your current position and have much more to offer. Also, you can mention that you are seeking opportunities where you have a good margin to work more efficiently.

8. Diversification

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Show them how diversified your work nature is. A person recalls how he portrays himself for the new job. He told them that the opportunity (work nature) in this new position excites him because it deals with his interest areas. This way, you don’t need to push yourself, complementing your old job and that cunning boss.

9. Embracing Your Potential

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A commenter advises mentioning the vision of the previous company, and you don’t feel your true potential aligned with their direction. Explain to them how you think you can potentially align with this new job position. This may help you make your mark stronger than other candidates.

10. Value Over Compensation

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Emphasize adding value to the company and how your expertise contributes to the organization’s success rather than specifying salary figures at this stage unless they ask you about the desired salary amount or discuss the pay scale with you. This will help you show your true interest in working with them. 

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