How to Make a Successful Offer on a Home – Home Buying Course Session 8

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Now we have picked out a home it’s time to submit the offer!

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Making an Offer: How It Works


The process is actually quite simple. Your real estate agent will take care of a lot of the back end work on paperwork and such. But there are a few things that may happen when you submit your offer.



They may accept your offer. Congrats! You will immediately start the closing process.



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Your offer may be declined. But don’t fret, this happens all the time. There are others homes out there!



A different price may be offered to you. You can then either counteroffer again or accept their counteroffer.


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Do I Offer More Than the Asking Price?


The answer is: maybe.


If the home has multiple offers and is in a desirable area you may be more successful to offer more than the asking price.


Do I Offer Less Than the Asking Price?


Again, maybe.


If the seller is in a rush to move and needs to close rather quickly you can use this to your complete advantage. Furthermore, if the market has an excess of supply you will have a greater chance of winning with a lower price.


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