“I’m An Addict” 12 Trashy Guilty Pleasures That Almost Everyone Loves

Some of the guilty pleasures that American citizens enjoy and that vary from person to person. What one person considers trash may be enjoyable to another. If a person wants their preferences, it does not mean they negatively affect one's character. Just as it is essential to have a balance of healthy habits in life, things should also be kept clear and patient, which gives happiness to a person.

1. Sausage Egg Muffins

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Many Americans admit that McDonald's is their most indulgent guilty pleasure. McDonald's is a massive trend in America. McDonald's is loved for everything from breakfast to dinner. And the McDonald's Sausage Egg Muffin is especially popular as a breakfast. And it's most Americans' favorite guilty pleasure.

2. 90 Days Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days
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It is considered quite embarrassing. It is common in the US and has become a guilty pleasure. Couples who submit applications for K-1 visas are unique to foreign spouses of US citizens. Available for this, they only have 90 days to get married. A show was also made in the US called 90 Days Fiancé, which was a reality series that followed couples who had one visa. They used to apply for

3. American Cheese

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American cheese is considered a guilty pleasure in America. This is because American cheese is best for melting. Many people enjoy this stuff very much. As many have said, American cheese can't be a guilty pleasure. It just appeals to people because it's the best thing to melt. Some people also believe American cheese is great with grilled sandwiches on sick days.

4. Cops

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The television show Cops also makes the list. Some Americans admit that the show is a guilty pleasure for them. Please don't watch the show, but finally had to give in and watch it on Live PD. There is quite a craze for this show among American citizens. They love this show a lot.

5. Waffle House

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For Americans, breakfast is the most essential part of their day. And for that, they choose a place that caters to their every need. Waffle House does this very well. If you go by the reviews, they say the whole house, their coffee is hot, the fully reliable eggs are perfectly poached, and the hash browns are unmatched. That's why it's a guilty pleasure for Americans. American Love every single thing at waffle house.

6. Real Housewife of Potomac

The Real Housewives of Potomac
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When Americans were asked about Potomac, one person said, “A year ago, a friend of mine started seeing Housewife of Potomac obsessively. After that, we started seeing Beverly for some reason. Both of these shows have gotten used to it. Potomac's performance has all the women who are black, which has the effect of creating an image that women are of the wealthy class. 

7. Olive Garden

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Many people have said that Olive Garden doesn't matter if the place is real or fake. If anything, the food is delicious. Especially the atmosphere is excellent, and there is no better place to celebrate an occasion. That's why Inline Garden is a guilty wish of many people. Many people are happy to eat there. Many employees are unhappy because they don't get enough wages for their hard work.

8. Professional Wrestling

WWE Smackdown! John Cena
Photo Credit: WWE.

Many people admit that this is a foul guilty pleasure. It is just a beating. It does no good to any human being. And some people also acknowledge that they have become very accustomed to it, which gives them pleasure. That's why many people go to WWE to watch professional wrestling for their fun. Many people overlook this wrestling at home on TV. But also see. Nowadays, wrestling is very popular in many places other than America.

9. Deep Fried Oreos

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Fried Oreos have a lot of votes, making them a fun guilty pleasure. When asked, people said that Fried Oreos are available at a fair once a year. And that's a lot. It is famous and loved by people. That's why it is the guilty desire of many people.

10. Karaoke

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Some people like singing. Whether professional or not, singing your favorite song is a prevalent form of entertainment. This is also a therapy because it provides a person with guilty pleasure. It can be relaxing and entertaining. Every person has a different way of feeling relaxed. Some people found singing as their comfortable point.

11. Celebrity Gossip

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment.

Every person must have some ideal. Nowadays, many people have become idols through social media and television. That's why people like to know about the lives of their plans. People related to them. Sit and talk in between. This thing gives many people a guilty pleasure, and they get pleasure from it.

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12. Reality TV Shows

Conan Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian
Photo Credit: Conaco.

Reality shows are prevalent in America. It provides content related to dating celebrity dramas. Many people like watching these reality shows for entertainment purposes. It gives them a guilty pleasure, which is their happiness.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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