Kamala Harris Wins Democratic Approval, but Enthusiasm Falls Short

Vice President Kamala Harris' job approval remains closely tied to President Joe Biden's, mirroring their consistent alignment throughout their term.

Limited Awareness

Vice presidents typically share in an administration's successes or challenges, and here, it's partly due to limited awareness of Harris' vice-presidential efforts, even among half of Democrats.

Interestingly, Harris attracts more attention, often negative, from the Republican side. Republicans claim greater familiarity with her, which is noteworthy considering GOP primary discussions have frequently featured her as a focal point in arguments against Biden's potential reelection bid. This dynamic underscores her visibility and impact within the political landscape, particularly from the perspective of the opposing party.

Waning Enthusiasm

Democratic enthusiasm for Harris on the 2024 ticket has waned since her inclusion in the 2020 campaign. Presently, most Democratic voters are content with her as Mr. Biden's running mate, but enthusiasm has declined compared to 2020 when the majority were enthusiastic. Notably, black Democrats remain the most enthusiastic about Harris, maintaining their level of enthusiasm from three years ago.

In January 2021, as Harris assumed office, half of Americans celebrated her historic role as the first female and person of color to serve as vice president. However, today, a growing number express indifference to this milestone.

Harris' perceived impact on the Biden administration is generally favorable for Democrats, although not overwhelmingly so. Democrats largely credit her with enhancing their view of the administration by a four-to-one ratio, but half of them admit that her job performance doesn't significantly influence their opinions.

A Unique Perspective

Interestingly, it's predominantly Republicans who claim to be well-informed about Harris' work, likely due to her role as a focal point of criticism within GOP primary campaigns. This situation underscores a potential challenge for Democrats in rekindling the enthusiasm witnessed in 2020.

In a historical context, former Vice President Mike Pence, like former President Trump during his tenure, didn't receive a majority of positive approval. However, Pence did garner higher ratings than Trump during their respective first year in office.

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