Men Will Never Understand These Uniquely Female Struggles But They Can Try

Men's lives seem so easy for some women. But, in reality, they experience much of what women do and feel like they have to handle it differently.

1. Extra Careful

In certain situations, a man must be careful and “walk on eggshells” around people who don't know him. One man explained, “I have to be extra careful and nice so you do not scare some people, especially small children, and women.”

Another user confirmed, “Especially when walking behind a woman. You don't want her to worry that you're following her. I have crossed the road at times to avoid it.”

2. There's Nothing Between the Lines

For men, there is no secret meaning hidden in every sentence. It means what it says, nothing else. As a result, men frequently feel like women take things wrong because they search for meaning in the words or actions that aren't there.

One man said, “Lost a quality friendship because a friend kept trying to read between the lines and accused me of being dishonest about how I felt. Then, she rounded up all these things I didn't say or didn't do and told me what I was “actually” saying by not saying anything.”

3. We're Viewed as Heavy Lifters

Being a man, you are viewed as the muscle, especially if you are on the bigger side. Frequently men have commented on having to be asked to lift heavy objects from strangers just because you look like you can.

One man confirmed, “I was once at a department store and asked by a woman trying to load a heavy shelf in a box onto a cart to help. I felt obligated to assist her, and she wasn't strong enough to lift her side. So I had to slide the heavy box myself while wondering how she expected to get this into her home.”

4. They Have No Emotional Support

Women get together with their friends when they are down. They cry and hold each other to support them emotionally to comfort them. Men may get together with their friends, but it's not the same as the emotional support women give each other.

One user explained, “No guy friend has ever put their arm around me and told me it would be ok. I don't know any man I could cry to or be with if I feel down and desperate.”

5. Their Romance Language Is Different

Women understand romance from a different perspective than men. For women, romance is a thing that happens to you or for you. For men, romance is a thing you have to make happen for them.

One man confirmed, “even in a relationship, I don't think a lot of women know how to make their man feel special and desired.”

6. Chest Hair Is Good for Lathering Soap

Positive sensory input activates the part of the nervous system, which helps us feel relaxed. For example, the sense of touch is considered a route to a meditative state. Something like lathering soap on chest hair is an excellent example of this.

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One woman confirmed, “I like to take showers with my boyfriend so I can lather soap into his chest hair. It's just so weirdly satisfying.”

7. We're Insecure Too

Everyone has insecurities about their looks, their speech, etc. However, height seems to be a common issue for the vertically challenged male.

“A lot of girls talk about tall guys a lot,” one man stated, “Well, Im 5′ 4,” and girls have said in my presence, “I'll never date anyone below 5′ 8.” I wasn't hitting on them or anything. It just comes up in conversation.”

8. Our Thoughts Are Weird and We Are Embarrassed To Explain Them

There is a joke that men have nothing on their minds. While this may be true sometimes, when asked what they are thinking about, they are actually too embarrassed to admit it and will say nothing.

One man explained, “I was staring into nothing but must have been making a weird face because my wife asked what I was thinking. So, of course, I told her nothing, which started a fight. I didn't want to tell her I was replaying the end of the Godfather in my head.”

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9. Compliments Are Hard

Compliments are meant to make a person feel good about themselves or their choice. Often, a person will mistake a compliment for sarcasm or an act of being hit on.

“Men don't get compliments as frequently as women do.” One man explained, “When we actually are complimented, we believe there might be malice or sarcasm within a compliment where none exist, simply because of the infrequency of it.”

10. Burying the Depression Hurts

Many people experience depression, but most men don't have an outlet to express it. They feel society judges them for reasons questioning their manhood because it's not something a “man” would do.

One man answered, “I feel many women are unaware of how common it is for men to experience depression and other psychological difficulties. We just bury them down and let them fester because it is “unmanly” to have psychological problems. There is such a large stigma with it for men.”

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