Millennials Learned These 10 Skills In The 90s That Are Now Worthless

Technology has evolved rapidly in the past few decades, with it, the skills required to navigate it. Many millennials developed skills in the 90s that were essential at the time but have now become obsolete. Recently, people shared some of those skills on an online platform and reminisced about the simpler times when they were essential. 

1. Texting with T9: A Skill Lost in Time

Mobile with T9 keypad
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The texting aficionado fondly reminisces about the golden age of T9 messaging, where their nimble fingers could glide over the keypad to send messages without glancing at the screen. Gone are the days when they could converse with their parents while keeping their eyes on the road, as the touchscreen and voice assistants have taken over.

2. Contacts vs. Memory: The Phone Number Battle

Man showing mobile
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The memory master trips down memory lane, recalling the bygone era of memorizing phone numbers. Once a sought-after talent, it has lost its relevance in the age of smartphones and contact lists. But the user cannot help but feel nostalgic for the days when they could easily rattle off a phone number from memory.

3. TV Guide Channel Pros: The Channel Memorizers

Woman watching tv
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The TV Guide guru reflects on the lost art of the 90s – mastering the TV Guide channel. The user fondly remembers when they could quickly scan through the channels and find their favorite shows. But now, with streaming services and smart TVs, this once-essential skill has become nearly obsolete, leaving the user feeling nostalgic.

4. From Ashtrays to Smartphones: A Generation Gap

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The ashtray emptier looks back on a once widespread skill among children and teenagers: clearing ashtrays for their elderly relatives. In the 90s, smoking indoors was still commonplace, and the task of ashtray dumping was a frequent chore. Though not the most glamorous of skills, it was an important responsibility that many once practiced.

5. Burning CDs: The Brief Moment of Glory

Young Man with cd
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The mixtape maestro fondly recalls the glory days of burning CDs, where they could showcase their talent for crafting the perfect playlist and designing a unique label. Once the coolest kid in school, the user's impressive skill has lost its luster with the rise of MP3s and streaming services.

6. WordArt and ClipArt: The Visual Wizards of Word

Woman working in computer
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The flashy document designer takes a trip down memory lane, recalling the artistic talents of the 90s. The user scrolled through WordArt and ClipArt options to find the perfect style and color scheme to make their work stand out. But now, the world has moved on from these flashy document designs, leaving the user feeling a bit nostalgic.

7. The Ski Game Legend: A Childhood Skill

 People skiing downhill at Winter Park Resort in Colorado
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The video game virtuoso remembers a classic game of the 90s, where players skied down a hill while being chased by a Yeti. The user was particularly skilled at the game but acknowledges that the talent has lost its practicality today. This simple yet captivating video game brought joy to many in the 90s, and the user looks back on it fondly.

8. Broken Headphones and Careful Walking

Man with headphones
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The music enthusiast recalled their days of carefully maneuvering while listening to tunes on their portable device, with a broken headphone cable that frequently disconnected. They recounted the art of strategically placing the music player, adjusting the cable, and cautiously moving to ensure an uninterrupted listening experience.

9. Bead Animals and Lizard Lovers

Child making craft
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

A nostalgic crafter remembered their childhood prowess in creating bead animals from pony beads. “I was a lizard-making machine!” they exclaimed. While the art of bead animal-making was a popular hobby for children in the 90s, it has since faded in popularity due to new trends and technologies.

10. The Pencil Tape Rollers: An Era of Cassettes

Pencil Tape Rollers
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

A cassette tape aficionado looked back on a skill they acquired in the 90s that is obsolete today. They reminisced about the time when they used a pencil to roll the tape back into a cassette after it got chewed up by the pitch roller. This was a common issue with cassette players; using a pencil was the trusty technique to fix it.

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