“Not Worth $12 An Hour” 10 Ways The Fast Food Industry Demoralizes Workers, According to The Labor Force

Working in the food industry can be challenging, and dealing with rude customers can be even more stressful. Food service workers have seen everything from outrageous demands to unfounded complaints. Recently on an online platform, people shared stories from food service workers who have experienced some of the most bizarre and frustrating customer encounters imaginable.

1. Coworker Pulls Out Gun at Work

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A former fast food employee recalls a terrifying encounter with a delusional coworker who brandished a firearm. The worker, known as Troy, claimed to be a gangsta and tried to prove it by revealing a loaded Glock from his waistband. The incident left the employee shaken and prompted them to re-evaluate their job.

2. Drive-Thru Worker Confronted by Angry Customer

Bangkok Thailand 5 August 2020 - staff with protective mask serving starbucks coffee to customer at drive thru counter during coronavirus outbreak Social distancing , Bangkok Thailand
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While toiling away at a fast food joint, a user recollects an uneasy rendezvous with a rugged individual in a battered pickup truck. The man tried using outdated coupons, but the user refused to accept them. The situation escalated quickly as the man held up the drive-thru and berated the user with insults, telling them they would never go anywhere in life. Initially feeling defeated, the user later realized that someone who behaves that way towards a young employee hadn't gone very far in life.

3. Quitting Over a Disgusting Mess

Perspective of men restroom
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Amidst the anecdotes of job woes, one person shared a tale of woe from their brief stint at Wendy's, leaving a bitter aftertaste in their memory. The user had been working at the fast food chain for only two weeks when a customer smeared feces all over the men's restroom's walls, ceiling, and toilet. When management demanded the employee clean up the mess without any protective gear other than rubber gloves, the employee quit on the spot, unwilling to perform such a disgusting task without proper protection.

4. Angry Customer Throws Drink at McDonald's Employee

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - CIRCA MAY, 2018: worker at McDonald's. McDonald's is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain.
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During his part-time job at McDonald's while in college, a customer threw a drink at the drive-through worker one day instead of informing him about a low soda syrup. The drink was extra-large, and the lid came off, drenching the worker. Fortunately, the manager saw the incident, ran after the driver, and told him never to return. The manager then gave the employee a dry uniform shirt and some time to calm down in the break room.

5. Worker Injured in Fryer Accident

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Picture this: a 15-year-old working at McDonald's witnesses a horrifying accident. One of their coworkers trips and plunges half of their hand into the searing hot fry oil! The shock was so intense that everyone in the store heard their collective gasp of “OH WOW.” Can you imagine how that must have felt? It's a moment that this user will never forget.

6. Creepy Encounter as a Sonic Carhop

Greensboro, North Carolina / United States of America - July 30 2014: Sonic Fast Food restaurant chain with male waiter on roller blades to serve food
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There was a guy who worked as a carhop at Sonic drive-in, and he was a master at roller skating. One day, while serving an older man in his car, he got an unexpected and unwelcome compliment. The man called him back and handed him a $15 tip, commenting that he needed to take another look at that “fine derriere” of his. The guy felt extremely uncomfortable and objectified by the incident.

7. Death in the Bathroom

Minsk, Belarus. May 2020. Costumer ordering food from car on McDrive, McDonald`s fast food restaurant. McDonald's employee in protective mask takes orders with tablet at McDrive
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This a chilling story from a Carl's Jr. manager who witnessed a tragic event unfold right before their eyes. One fateful day, a customer overdosed and passed away in the bathroom, leaving the entire staff in shock and disbelief. Management instructed the team to close the lobby but keep the drive-thru open, an eerie reminder of the harsh realities of the fast-food industry. To add to the unnerving situation, the user found it unsettling to use the same restroom where life had just ended. It's a haunting experience that will forever be etched in their memory.

8. Customer Demands Excessive Siracha at Subway

Subway sandwiches menu counter, made to order customer, shopping mall food court, Saugus, Massachusetts USA - November 9, 2016
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Here's a flavorful anecdote – while working at Subway, a customer once made a mouthwatering request for some fiery Sriracha sauce on their sandwich, as shared by a user. They put what they thought was a regular amount on the sandwich, but the customer kept asking for more. The user added more siracha, but the customer continued to demand more until they were screaming for more sauce. Eventually, the user emptied an entire bottle of siracha onto the sandwich, but the customer still needed more and asked for more. The user had to get another bottle of siracha before the customer was finally content with the amount of sauce on their sandwich.

9. Absurd Customer Demands and Valuable Lessons: Tales From a Starbucks Worker

NEW YORK - CIRCA MARCH 2016: worker at Starbucks Cafe. Starbucks Corporation is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington
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Starbucks worker recounts absurd customer demand for 140-degree coffee, armed with a car thermometer. Despite the woman's complaint about a single-degree discrepancy, the worker's laughter landed them in no trouble with the manager. In another instance, a man's rude reaction to a simple apology for a delay taught the worker a valuable lesson in dealing with difficult customers.

10. False Alarm: The Pizza Complaint That Turned Out To Be a Lost Filling

Smiling chef wearing uniform putting raw pizza in modern oven for baking while looking at camera and staff working in background in pizza shop
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Ah, the joys of working in the food industry. One user has a tale about a customer complaint that turned out to be a false alarm. It all started with a complaint about metal in their pizza, which set off alarm bells in the kitchen. However, upon further investigation, the team discovered it was simply a lost filling causing all the fuss.

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