10 Celebrities Who Back the Former President

In the world of politics, celebrities' endorsements can be seen as a significant nod of approval or disapproval for a candidate. While some celebrities use their platform to support certain politicians, others choose to remain silent. However, some openly support Donald Trump, despite the controversies surrounding his presidency. Here are 10 surprising celebrities who have publicly expressed their support for Donald Trump.

1. Kanye West

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Kanye West has always been a trendsetter, from his catchy beats to his avant-garde fashion sense. And it looks like he's setting a new trend by publicly backing Donald Trump. With his controversial Oval Office meeting and bold statements, Kanye has become a poster child for the unlikely alliance between hip-hop and the Republican party.

2. Kid Rock

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The man who once sang “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy” has traded in his rockstar persona for a more political one, and it looks like he's found a kindred spirit in Donald Trump. Kid Rock is not shy about supporting the 45th president, whether it's his rallies or White House visits. With his patriotic tunes and love for all things American, he's become a symbol of the blue-collar Trump supporter.

3. Roseanne Barr

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The queen of sitcoms has never been one to shy away from controversy, and her outspoken support for Donald Trump is no exception. From her Twitter tirades to her public appearances, Roseanne has become a vocal advocate for Trump's policies, even if it alienates some of her fans. Her cheeky humor and no-holds-barred attitude make her a force to be counted on in politics.

4. Jon Voight

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He may be best known for his acting chops, but Jon Voight has also become a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. From his appearances at rallies to his social media posts, Voight has been a consistent voice of praise for the president. With his booming voice and commanding presence, he's a powerful figure in the conservative movement.

5. Ted Nugent

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The Motor City Madman has long been a vocal advocate for the Second Amendment and personal freedom, and it's no surprise that he's thrown his support behind Donald Trump. With his fiery speeches and love of hunting, Nugent has become a symbol of the rugged individualism many Trump supporters admire. Whether on stage or on social media, he's never afraid to speak his mind.

6. James Woods

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With his tough-guy persona and conservative leanings, James Woods has become one of Hollywood's most outspoken supporters of Donald Trump. From his Twitter rants to interviews, Woods is never shy about supporting the president. With his sharp wit and fearless demeanor, he's become a rallying point for conservatives looking for a Hollywood role model.

7. Scott Baio

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He is best known for roles in beloved TV shows like “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge,” but Scott Baio has also become a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. With his boyish charm and no-nonsense attitude, Baio has become a favorite of Trump supporters. Whether speaking at rallies or appearing on Fox News, he's always ready to defend his political views.

8. Stacey Dash

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As an actress and conservative commentator, Stacey Dash made a name for herself by speaking her mind on various issues. And when it comes to politics, she's thrown her support behind Donald Trump. With her sharp tongue and fearless approach, she's become a lightning rod for controversy. Whether appearing on conservative news shows or defending her views on social media, she's always ready for a fight.

9. Terrence K. Williams

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Terrence K. Williams, the comedian and political commentator, strongly support Trump. He has praised Trump for his tough stance on crime and commitment to creating jobs for all Americans. Williams also admires how Trump is willing to stand up to those who try to silence conservative voices.

10. Mike Tyson

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The boxing legend Mike Tyson has been a surprising supporter of Trump. Despite some of Trump's controversies, Tyson has spoken out in favor of the former president, citing his resilience and determination as reasons for his admiration. Tyson also appreciates Trump's support for the sports and entertainment industries, where Tyson has made a name for himself.

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