Ranking the 15 Greatest Running Backs of All Time

There have been many great running backs in the history of the NFL. Some players are more well-known than others, but all of them deserve credit for their accomplishments on the field. This article will rank the 15 greatest running backs of all time. We will take a look at some of the most famous players in the league and some lesser-known ones who deserve more recognition.

15. Joe Perry

Courtesy of Frank Rippon

San Francisco 49ers (1948-1960 and 1963), Baltimore Colts (1961-1962)

Career Rushing Yards: 8,378

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 53

14. Jim Taylor

Courtesy of Tony Tornsic

Green Bay Packers (1958-1966), New Orleans Saints (1967)

Career Rushing Yards: 8,597

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 83

13. Marcus Allen

Courtesy of Owen Shaw

L.A. Raiders (1982-1992), Kansas City Chiefs (1993-1997)

Career Rushing Yards: 12,243

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 144

12. Terrell Davis

Courtesy of Ed Reinke

Denver Broncos (1995-2001)

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Career Rushing Yards: 7,607

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 60

11. Curtis Martin

Courtesy of Mitchell Reibel

New England Patriots (1995-1997), New York Jets (1998-2006)

Career Rushing Yards: 14,101

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 90

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10. Tiki Barber

Courtesy of Tom Berg

New York Giants (1997-2006)

Career Rushing Yards: 10,449

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 68

9. Marshawn Lynch

Courtesy of Otto Greule Jr.

Buffalo Bills (2007-2010), Seattle Seahawks (2010-2015), Oakland Raiders 2017-2018)

Career Rushing Yards: 10,413

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 94

8. Ladainian Tomlinson

Courtesy of Robert B. Stanton

San Diego Chargers (2001-2009), New York Jets (2010-2011)

Career Rushing Yards: 13,684

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 145

7. Barry Sanders

Courtesy of Betsy Peabody Rowe

Detroit Lions (1989-1998)

Career Rushing Yards: 15,269

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 99

6. Emmitt Smith

Courtesy of Manny Rubio

Dallas Cowboys (1990-2002), Arizona Cardinals (2003-2004)

Career Rushing Yards: 18,355

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 164

5. Marshall Faulk

Courtesy of Joe Robbins

Indianapolis Colts (1994-1998), St. Louis Rams (1999-2005)

Career Rushing Yards: 12,280

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 100

4. Adrian Peterson

Courtesy of Andy Clayton-King

Minnesota Vikings (2007-2016), New Orleans Saints (2017), Arizona Cardinals (2017)

Career Rushing Yards: 12,276

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 99

3. Thurman Thomas

Courtesy of Icon Sportswire

Buffalo Bills (1988-1999), Miami Dolphins (2000)

Career Rushing Yards: 12,074

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 88

2. Jerome Bettis

Courtesy of George Gojkovich

L.A./St. Louis Rams (1993-1995), Pittsburgh Steelers (1996-2005)

Career Rushing Yards: 13,662

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 91

1. Ollie Matson

Chicago Cardinals (1952-1958), L.A. Rams (1959-1962), Detroit Lions (1963), Philadelphia Eagles (1964-1966)

Career Rushing Yards: 5,173

Career Rushing Touchdowns: 40


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