10 Dating Profile Deal-Breakers, According to Women

With online dating seemingly being the primary way to meet people nowadays, what you put in your profile can really make or break how many responses you get.

So here is a top 10 list of topics and things to avoid for men.

Complaining About Other Women

One woman says, “I've read stuff like, women are shallow anyway! Or when they message you like “you probably won't read this anyway, women never do.”


Alpha Males

When women, and some men, hear a man say they're an alpha, it sets a red flag for some that the guy is rude and uses his “alpha” title as a reason to be rude.


Calling Out That You're Too Good To Be There

“He matched with me, so I responded with a hello. His immediate response was that he didn't need to be there. If he was looking for the ugly ones, he could find them in person just as easily.”


Talk About Their Bad Experiences With the Site

Some men have written on their profiles such things as, “well, I am here to get ignored again, as this is always what happens. So don't bother liking my profile if you don't want actually to talk.”


Leave the Biography Blank

One user says, “You're either asking to be taken purely on your looks or shows you can't put in even a little effort over the minimum.”