10 Foods That Aren’t Worth the Effort To Make at Home

While a certain satisfaction comes from making meals from scratch, sometimes it just isn't worth the time and effort.

Recently on an online platform, people have shared several foods that people have tried making at home, only to find out that they're better off buying them from the store or a restaurant.


The delicate and buttery croissant, a staple of French bakeries, has been deemed unworthy of the effort to make at home by a seasoned baker.


Mochi Ice Cream

Imagine embarking on a journey to create a sweet, pillowy treat that's as delicious as Instagram-worthy. That's exactly what one adventurous user did when they decided to make Mochi Ice Cream from scratch.


Pad Thai

A user opines that attempting to prepare Pad Thai at home is futile. They believe that despite the initial impression of thriftiness, the arduousness of the process makes it unfeasible.


Soft Drink

In a nostalgic tale, the user reminisces about their experiment in concocting homemade Coca-Cola by combining a medley of flavors to craft a broth that evoked the familiar aroma of the classic soda.


Filo Pastry

They even quote the famous baker, Paul Hollywood, who advises opting for the frozen version instead of making it from scratch.